Kedichem - Leftist activists in Kedichem, in Leerdam, a fire in a hotel. There was at that time a meeting underway with members of the Center Party right-wing groups (CP) and Center Democrats (CD). A woman who tried to escape through a window from the burning building was severely wounded.

The protesters had specifically targeted the people in hotel Cosmopolite. They threw the windows and threw smoke bombs inside. Possible phosphorus bombs have also been used.

Were not deployed more than two officers to maintain order during the meeting of the Center Party and the Center Democrats. They saw the dike around 200 to come antifascists. The police quickly went inside the hotel by saying "they were not able to protect the people in the hotel '. But they called reinforcement.

No second later the first bombs flew in and there was fire. Some of those present went out through the downturn. Hans Janmaat, MP and former member of the Center Party, fled with a few others to an upper floor. They quickly saw smoke coming through the floor.

"Out the window we saw the flames and all our people who fled out five meters lower. Within three minutes it was all on fire, The staircase also. We tied sheets together. I climbed along them out first, to see if it was. The sheets were too short, I had to jump. After I got my secretary. But they swung from the sheets through a large window and crashed to the ground. She was bleeding terribly. "

(Janmaat, Het Vrije Volk, 01-04-1986)

The woman was taken to hospital. Doctors had to amputate her leg.

Before the police arrived, the stone flew through the air, the flames from the roof of the hotel and people went together to blows. even residents, completely surprised by what was happening suddenly in their quiet village, arming themselves with chair legs. The two agents had to calm things, went off, booed by anti-fascists and residents who felt they were abandoned.

Further along the embankment barred a farmer with a milk wagon road, so that the activists could not get more off. If the police were coming back 72 people arrested.

CP meeting

The meeting went in Hotel Cosmopolite aimed to back to form a united front to the right parties in the Netherlands. The CP has met the threshold in just a few cities, but the Center Democrats not.

In recent years, there were many conflicts within the Center Party. After the conflict Hans Janmaat was disbarred. He started when the Center Democrats and took many employees and voters with.

According to the CP councilor Wim Vreeswijk both parties better off if they go on together, certainly with the parliamentary elections at the door, in May. Therefore he arranged Cosmopolite Easter weekend a day earlier would open.


The municipality of Leerdam was aware of the meeting in Kedichem. Late last year there was an interim council election, After merging with Leerdam Kedichem and Schoonrewoerd.

In those elections did the 80-year-old Simon Jump on behalf of the Center Party to win a seat. Since then, regular coaching sessions "in Leerdam of the party with the brand new councilor.

When a meeting of the CP was announced by the municipality, the board did assume that the weather so get some coaching time.

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secret meeting

In recent weeks buzzed all the rumors about the merger of the CP and CD. That was antifascists something absolutely had to be avoided, just before the parliamentary elections.

Wednesday arrived in Amsterdam people from the squat movement together. What is still unclear, but one of those present knew would take place the reconciliation meeting on Saturday.

The antifascists issued a nationwide alert, whereby all possible activists were summoned Saturday to gather at Galgenwaard Stadium in Utrecht.

Two hundred activists gave Saturday responded to the call. From Amsterdam arrived about fifteen rented vans. Which left at about ten to three to Leerdam. There, was collected at the station.


A few hours after the events in Kedichem demanded two action groups the attack on. They spoke of a "successful action". It was about 'the activists 29 maart' and the 'radical anti-fascists’.

"That fire was not supposed. But I stand fully behind the action. My parents have been in the resistance. Fascists can only eradicate. It's a shame that they have been given a semblance of legitimacy because parliamentary democracy permits. Racists have no place in this society. "

(anonymous campaigner, TVNZ, 01-04-1986)

Pity the hotelier is not, as the campaigner continues. The woman who lost her leg, According to the woman on the phone pathetic, because it is the secretary of Janmaat. "An innocent boy as Kerwin Duijnmeijer was murdered in Amsterdam. Omdat'ie was black. I think that's terrible", the answer.


Police said most of the detainees are from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Much clarity is there not, because most defendants refuse to say anything. They refuse to give their names.

Hoe ging het verder?

If the goal was to CP and CD hurting, the action was successful. Party secretary Mart Giessen noted later that "there is such a smell of violence hangs party, that ordinary people dare to be no longer a member '.

The secretary Janmaat, Wil Schuurman, eventually marries Janmaat. She's after Kedichem or the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Janmaat leave two days later that he says goodbye to politics. The events in Kedichem had so shocked him. It also appears that address and other details of party members in the hands of leftists came. A few months later get Simon Jump from Leerdamse board, for health reasons. He leaves the party.

Janmaat returns three years later as a one-man party (CD) in the House. In 1994 He even gets three seats. After another internal quarrels remains in 1998 no seat more about.

Van de 72 activists were 6 yet released the same day. They had nothing to do with the riots and each receive a compensation of 200 guilders per day they were in the cell. That comes down to 800 guilders per person. get a press photographer 1600 gulden.

Against six activists demanded a prison sentence of six months in jail (three of which are conditionally). Five of them (the other was later arrested) refuse to appear in court, because they feel "criminalized scapegoats'’ in 'such a comedy in which the state fascists holds the hand above the head'.

They are sentenced in absentia to six months (three of which are conditionally) for public violence. There is no one condemned to arson, because not find out who is exactly is responsible for it.


The protesters had exactly by what was the meeting, is not clear. There are stories that a few anti-fascists have followed a visitor from Amsterdam. Others say that infiltrated a leftist activists were in the intelligence.

Ten years later the events in Kedichem 'commemorated'. That meeting in Leerdam, because the mayor does not want to do that again so many people in Kedichem.

The rally of supporters of CD and CP'86, the successor of the Center Party, takes an hour. Afterwards, there arises a fight between demonstrators and against demonstrators. In addition, some right-wing supporters are driven into a ditch.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 45

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