MEUSE - Under appalling conditions Erik Hulzebosch won the Dutch championship on natural. Van de 91 Participants took only 15 Finish. According to many, the game was a parody of sport '.  

The contest over 100 kilometers over the Trekvliet and Medium Vliet was right to "hell ride" baptized. Winner Hulzebosch coconut toothed end of the harsh conditions:

"I never knew it could be so cold in the world"

(Erik Hulzebosch, Telegraph 06-01-1993)


The temperature was not even the biggest problem in Maasland. During the 100 kilometer race began to thaw and rain.

On the ice puddles arose, What especially made skating harder and harder. In many places emerged cracks in the ice. And to complete the hell there was a biting wind (wind 7) over the South Holland polder.

How bad the conditions are demonstrated by the fact that even a camera engine NIS follows the leaders going down at some point.


Within fifteen minutes the first dropouts hobble the factory of cardboard inside Van Buuren, where the changing rooms. One of the title contenders Piet Kleine was one of them. He was driven into a crack and held it a day. "Only if you fall you can win", he told the Leeuwarder Courant.

Evert van Benthem, twice winner of the Elfstedentocht, was one of the early retirements. He fell twice and drop out shivering. Haico Bouma said that he went seven times lower.

Several participants questioned the decision of the organization to not forward the race or even to cancel. Also, the choice of Maasland in place of a more northerly location will be excoriated.

After a half hour had already dropped more than three quarters of the participants. Alongside public is therefore no longer.


As the rain and the wind is kept free game went Eisenach-Jan Kromkamp and the 22-year Hulzebosch the lead. In the final laps at Maasland changed nothing there anymore.

Afterwards, the two fastest rubbing sat side by side in the factory of cardboard Van Buuren. The two had beaten the arms about each other's shoulder. Hulzebosch is winner, Kromkamp loser. That was pretty difficult to see, as a finish line was not really. Yet Hulzebosch had a narrow lead.

Kromkamp was slightly disappointed with the narrow loss. "This is sport. Something like that part of it ", he informed the Leeuwarder Courant.

The two participants already knew each other from the skating competition. Along the way they had agreed to go together to the final round. Thereafter, it was each for itself.

Hulzebosch told shivering in his famous Gramsberger accent that he had three laps a full bladder before the end. He wanted to anyway from.

"I told John Eisenach: "What do you gao, gao you demarreren or waacht-ie. "" Well ", Jan sea Eisenach, "I waacht a while." And that-he also daon. Mar what we had et cool "

(Erik Hulzebosch, Leeuwarder Courant - 06-01-1993)

The two had more than two minutes ahead Miei Rozendaal. This was followed by the four Yep Kramer, Jan Baker, René Ruitenberg and Robert Vunderink well away.

It is Hulzebosch its second national title. In 1990 he also became Dutch champion, but when on the ice in Austria.

Hoe ging het verder?

In an interview with Radio Rijnmond on 5 januari 2018 Hulzebosch showed that he entitled Maasland ‘the best and the worst‘ took off his career.

In the years after Maasland Marathon Natural would always be driven each year. In 1994 won Lammer Huitema in Giethoorn. A year later Yep Kramer fastest in Ermerzand (Drenthe). And Bert Verduin was the first across the finish line in 1996 Ankeveen (North Holland).

Thereafter, it took up to and including 2009 before the Nationals was again held in Netherlands.

Hulzebosch was 1997 currently second in the Elfstedentocht. He was beaten in the final sprint by Henk Angenent.

Result NK Marathon on Natural Maasland (ZH):

  1. Erik Hulzebosch (Gramsbergen)
  2. Jan Eise Kromkamp (Seelbach)
  3. miei Rozendaa (Warmenhuizen)
  4. Yep Kramer (Oudeschoot)
  5. Jan Bakker (Wijnjewoude)
  6. Henri Ruitenberg (Oldebroek)
  7. Rob Vunderink (Raalte)

Total finished: 15 Attendees


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 05-01-1993

story number: 56

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