GORINCHEM – A large crowd has stood tonight in Gorinchem in the death of two young women, the shelling of Bacchus nightclub last week. According to police estimates, there were about 25.000 people with. "We have this week with throat tightness, and with tears in his eyes politely", Mayor IJssels described during a speech.

The Netherlands seemed to sympathize with Gorinchem. The municipality had expected 10.000 tot 20.000 Attendees, but that there were therefore more. And the People came from everywhere.

The tour was televised live on RTL 5. Extra trains were deployed. Throughout the country, the church bells rang a quarter. At eight o'clock a minute's silence was observed. At midnight it was repeated in pubs across the country.


For seven hours, the pressure in the center of Gorinchem. at the station interested are welcomed by young people in white shirts flowers Deal. Many of them wear a white shirt with the text "there is meaningful violence'.

A young couple from Meerkerk explains why they are there. "It is not only a tribute", says one of the peers of the victims from the local newspaper City Gorinchem. "It's a protest against violence. So that we and future generations can go out safely. "

The official program started with the recitation of a poem by six students from different schools Gorcumse. We chose the poem "People wanted 'by Coert Gate.

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After the speeches of Mayor IJssels and Pastor Jan Wagenvoort (who had suggested the idea of ​​silent) The procession attracted city. After the police horses followed a vast procession of people from Stadhuisplein invaded the historic town of Gorinchem, direction the big market.

Since the white flowers were adopted, so for second time came in a week a sea of ​​flowers. This time on the Market, in a few steps from the Kerksteeg, at Cafe Bacchus.

Among the interested parties were national leaders as Bishop Van Luyn of Rotterdam, Van Boxtel Minister Urban. "The feelings that live here also in the Cabinet lived ", Van Boxtel told City Gorinchem. "I found it remarkable how much and how long it last Friday in the Cabinet about this terrible incident is spoken "

A participant from Leerdam wonders whether 'Den Haag' or figures out what is going on. "There should be harsher penalties and more police come. "

Another participant is words fail. "It's about sadness and anger", zegt hij tegen Radio Rijnmond.

"I put some flowers and I hope the parents have a lot of support to the people who are here right now."

(Radio Rijnmond, 17-01-1999)

Mayor IJssels adds: "There is a warmth through your away, nothing else than. Such large crowds. People from all over Gorinchem country come to assist survivors. Hartverwarmend.”


How great the sympathy and interest has, evident from the fact that the first people coming back from the Market, as the last people waiting to leave from the Town Hall. An impressive gesture against senseless violence.

The family of the two victims, Marianne Roza and Froukje Schuitenmaker day have expressed their thanks after all events to everyone who was involved in the commemoration and processing. doctors, politie, the municipality, schools and the church.

"Our family, friends, acquaintances, aforementioned authorities and all those strangers example, expressed their condolences by mail, have given us the sense that the world is not only just as we after that awful moment in 10 January thought "

(Pink family, City Gorinchem, 19-01-1999)

The flowers remain for the time being lie on the Market. It is expected that tomorrow many people along will come to lay flowers and protesting in this way against senseless violence.

Hoe ging het verder?

Met 20.000 tot 25.000 participants of the silent 1999 Gorinchem, as far as known, Netherlands still the largest ever known has. In Belgium withdrew the White March (as a protest against Marc Dutroux) ever 300.000 mensen.

Silent marches were not so much. There was a been following the Bijlmer disaster, but that was more a memorial than a protest (what is often enclosed in a silent march). The trip after Meindert Tjoelker (Leeuwarden, the first time anyone was appointed as a victim of senseless violence) drew thousands of victims.

The tour Marianne Roza and Froukje Schuitenmaker was hence perhaps the second major (and eventually most) silent ride the our country known. This was followed by a quick more, with names that may be familiar in ears sound like Daniel Cotthem, Anja Joos, Manuel Fetter, Milly Boele, Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

Often there was a silent march, but a magnitude, such as in Gorinchem has never been more the.

Click here For all silent marches to 2015 held in South Holland.


Experts were pretty quick comment on the quiet trips, because they would have the opposite effect. They would fear right strengthen among the general population.

And would prevent such incidents? Given the number of silent marches which then still held, would you say no.

And while everyone cried in Gorinchem 'never again', became almost exactly a year later beaten to death in Vlaardingen Daniel Cotthem and followed 10 januari 2000 (exactly one year after the shooting at Bacchus) another silent march. And when it was said 'never again.'

How it went with the litigation surrounding the gunmen Café Bacchus you see in epilogue of this story


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published: 16-01-2019

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