ROTTERDAM / THE HAGUE / Zeist - The football pass, the new invention to keep troublemakers away from games in the Eredivisie, is a failure. That conclusion pull all concerned: the clubs, the fans, politics, Justice and even the KNVB. supporters were in several stadiums of risk clubs like Feyenoord and Ajax without football pass.

the KNVB, initiator of football card system, tomorrow has consultation with Minister Van Dijk of the Interior on the plan.

The pass was introduced to keep troublemakers away from games. Supporters of Feyenoord, PSV, FC Utrecht, FC Den Haag and Ajax can only buy tickets for away games, if they are in possession of such a pass. This annoys the fans, who do not want to be restricted.


Especially the match between FC Utrecht and Feyenoord (rash: 3-0) was because of the Rotterdam supporters an interesting test case for the football pass. But finally serious disturbances were just out.

Feyenoord supporters had agreed to bypass police escort through from Capelle aan den IJssel with normal train off to travel to Utrecht. When the police came behind, NS has at the last moment managed to arrange a special train for the 200 supporters. The train then drove to Lunetten, near the stadium. Since the Rotterdam were brought to the stadium with the bus.

Feyenoord did have a ticket (purchased in advance) but were not involved in the controversial football pass. They got to the stadium have the option to purchase such a football pass yet to, something that did not happen.

De 56 supporters who indeed had a pass, and later with the supportersbus (a Combi control) arrived at the stadium, were insults like 'traitor' to their heads thrown.

The stadium atmosphere was close to savage. according to the Free People threatened the Rotterdam eventually even police spokesman Joop Servaas, contact for football fans, hostage. The timely intervention of the riot police was to prevent.

"Suddenly there were fifty men at my back, which meesleurden me "

(Joop Servaas – Police Spokesperson, Het Vrije Volk, 14-08-1989)

After consultation between the mayor Vos-Van Gortel of Utrecht force management decided to Feyenoord supporters without football pass anyway but to let. "What else do you want? If the gates are not open, no more bus remains quite ", left a spokesman for the Utrecht Police know the Volkskrant.

In Utrecht arrested three football supporters. On the way back to Rotterdam in a special train 2500 guilders damage wrought.

Tickets sold in Amsterdam

FC Den Haag were risk match against Ajax do expect trouble. Why were members of the supporters club Hague, to at Amsterdam Central Station as ticket sales to the Ajax supporters. FC Den Haag had received permission from Deputy Mayor Van den Berg to ignore the KNVB rules.

the Amsterdam supporters thereby prevented private opportunity would travel to The Hague, with all its consequences. Eventually, there were thousands of Ajax supporters in the South Park, without football pass.

In the South Park were buses with Ajax supporters pelted. Seven rioters were arrested. Ajax won the match in The Hague 0-4.


The Labor Party and VVD regret the failure the card system. MP Worrell (PvdA) is not surprised that the introduction has caused much uproar.

"We have from the outset versus the privacy aspect. I therefore have some sympathy with supporters who turn to the gene only because their personal information may be passed on to anyone ",

(Worrell, Het Vrije Volk, 14-08-1989)

D66 MP Eisma agrees that the pass system has failed. "We thought we would be now, but now it appears system is not really applied ", Eisma says at Het Vrije Volk.

The KNVB will as soon as possible to evaluate the state of affairs surrounding the risk matches in Utrecht and The Hague. If action is taken against FC Den Haag, because the club ignored the pass control to the boot, is not yet clear.

Hoe ging het verder?

Within a week, the whole plan for football pass at his hole. Pepper mayors of Rotterdam refused and his Groningen colleague even longer to work on the plan. Then withdrew the plan and the situation is again as usual.

The Public Prosecution (IF) admits the plan is not really feasible.

In retrospect, it was incomprehensible that the newly introduced. Justice it before it 'unworkable’ was. Clubs saw salvation not in, because it would not go far enough (They wanted all the supporters would get such a pass) and the fans were strongly opposed. Yet had the plan proceed.

A few years later the football pass returns, then under the name 'club card'. Do it with all clubs. Just buy a ticket on the off chance there is then no more.

Many clubs still work with it. Then, for example, a club card is mandatory at risk matches.

Despite this heavy defeat for the KNVB, the problem of the rioters over the years, becoming increasingly smaller (or with small steps). A major role is therefore also reserved for the cluster scheme (die in 1989 already existed).

Problems moving while part of the stadium to remote areas, with the sad low point in the death of Carlo Picornie 1997.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 11-08-2019

story number: 108

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