ROTTERDAM - A group of several dozen Katendrechters tonight at least ten brothels smashed windows. Angry residents are part of the anonymous Action Group Rescues Katendrecht (Areka) fighting against the nuisance of the sex industry Katendrecht.

Certainly fifteen windows of brothels and sex cinemas were destroyed, including in Atjehstraat and Veerlaan. Even when a house windows are broken.

The brothel owners, who initially responded stunned, left moving along. The police could just avoid the raging operators broke into a house on Broad Hilledijk, where stone throwers itself would hide.

"It was my wife had hidden my gun under the noodle, there were other deaths. That action group wants anyway in the news. If they continue as it happens "

(Brothel Holder 'Henk', Vrije Volk 14-10-1974)

Police seized immediately. The district was hermetically locked. There were guards posted, the police came on horseback and a platoon of riot police. Yet it was all night restless.

The immediate reason for the explosion of violence would have been an incident yesterday morning. At the house of a widow, a window was smashed. Brothel holders are held responsible for this. What is the reason for the destruction is not clear.


The problems 'Cape' play for much longer. Long complain the residents of Katendrecht least three years on the prostitution and the growing nuisance. Sinds 1971 is the number of sex cinemas grown from six to seventeen. But despite all the protests, the number of brothels is growing also by this year.

The balance in the district is quite fallen away in recent years, say residents.

"My daughter was twelve at night to the phone on the corner to call a doctor for me. Which is not far. Guys harass her. If a shot to help police warns, He hears, they will have to do it yourself. Twelve years, I ask you?”

(Local resident, Vrije Volk, 21-08-1974)

"If I kept my son a bottle of milk control, He is underway invited to light images in one view sex club "

(Local resident, Vrije Volk, 21-08-1974)

already in August, last year, once a clash between residents and pimps. Brothel Holders fall to residents, because she would chase their patronage '. The Rotterdam City Council promises improvement.

Caring nuisance brothel owners will be deported town. But despite opprobrious, fight- shootings and nothing changes. Logical, residents say, because the city thinks it's fine if the sex of the town in a small manageable area as Katendrecht place.

Yet Katendrechters managed to reach the highest political platform. There will be a meeting with the standing committee of the House and Van Agt minister wants to come to the aid of the Katendrechters.

district Organ

The District Organ Katendrecht offers the most resistance to the bosses of sex 'Cape'. But let the brothel owners do not go their way. If the district body, the City Council an ultimatum in April after the opening of yet two brothels, there set fire to the house of one of the board of the district body.

The damage is not too bad, but the signal is clearly: it is the brothel keepers earnest. A few weeks later a brothel owner is arrested for arson. he confesses.

The board of the district body will then endure more. She gets gunshots through his letterbox. It is also an attempt to stabbing a neighborhood building on fire.

In August, the district body throws in the towel. Not so much because of threats, but by the lax attitude of the city council.

action group

Desperate Katendrechters than take matters into their own hands. In early September, the Action Group Rescues Katendrecht at a closed meeting (Areka) established. De 89 members remain anonymous for fear of reprisals by the brothel keepers.

In a telegram to the Coolsingel let the members know that they are committed to "reducing prostitution and sexbioscopen, and introduction of a residential project- and neighborhood improvement '. The actions focus more on the city government than against brothel keepers, because the action group believes that the cause of the misery on the Coolsingel is.

"You will hear from us'

(Telegram 'Save Katendrecht' council to Rotterdam, Vrije Volk, 09-09-1974)

The action group has the support of the well-trained people who have had a jiu-jitsu and karate training '. A day later, the martial arts story is largely withdrawn.

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The council is startled by the threat. Less than a week later go four brothels close. The community member is not impressed. In the weeks before his after all thirteen brothels added.

The town comes up with the plan for a mega brothel (eroscentrum) outside Katendrecht. Other neighborhoods in Rotterdam leave immediately know nothing at all to see a shift in the sex industry.

The riots today Katendrecht reinforce the fear in other areas for the spread of brothels in the city. Several operators have already indicated that they browse to a different location, Now the church has closed the first brothels on the Cape.

The city of Rotterdam has an uphill to the problems Katendrecht.

Hoe ging het verder?

even after 13 October remained unsettled Katendrecht. Again there were windows broken and the police had to intervene.

It would take almost a decade disappeared until the last skesbaas. In 1981 the last whore shack was closed, ten years after the first letter of the city council Katendrecthers.

Then the town was for many years to work on the plan for Eroscentrum. That would never happen. In terms of Hans Koole can you still read a lot more about.

Text: Dave Datema coop Ingrid Smits

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 28


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