ROTTERDAM – Wim Jansen had imagined a lot more of his first match at Ajax. The debut, in De Kuip against his Feyenoord, lasted only eighteen minutes. Then he was taken from the field, because he could hardly see anything anymore, because he got an ice ball in his face during warm-up, thrown from the stands. The perpetrator is still being searched for.

The incident happened at the end of the warm-up. The former "Mister Feyenoord’ walked calmly across the snowy field towards the players tunnel, then an ice ball (there was hardly any snow anymore) of the stands hit Jansen's face.

Jansen went straight to the ground. The ice ball had hit him, just below his left eye. Teammates immediately intervened and helped him up from the snow and then carried him to the dressing room.


In the dressing room, they worked hard to make Jansen ready to play. “Immediately after Wim was hit by the ice ball, he was carried inside and placed in the dressing room. There it turned out that it was also heavily swollen”, Ajax doctor Rolink told De Telegraaf.

“Wim himself said that he could no longer see clearly. It was agreed that he would play, but would be changed after 15 minutes if the vision in the left eye remained blurred”

(Ajax doctor Rolink in De Telegraaf, 08-12-1980)

That Jansen was not 100 percent fit, the players of Feyenoord knew that too. It seemed like there was a reward waiting for the Feyenoord player who was responsible for the final kick to get Jansen out of the game.

Ivan Nielsen lashed out in the first minutes. A little later Stanley Brard went there (much too) firmly in. Every attack was greeted with cheers by a large part of the audience.

“We agreed to hunt for Wim”, Stafleu informed De Telegraaf. “In the end it was his debut and he had to get into his rhythm first. But as brutal as it happened now, it was also a complete surprise to me.”

After eighteen minutes Jansen's suffering was over. He was switched, because he had too much trouble with his left eye. He immediately went on with his wife to the Eye Hospital, where damage to his cornea was found. = o-oAbqvFsUw


Afterwards no one talks about the fine anymore 4-2 Feyenoord's victory over the arch-rival.

Jansen had in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, his residence, in recent weeks, numerous threats have been received from Feyenoord supporters who could not accept that former 'Mister Feyenoord’ (15 seasons) made the switch to Ajax after a short stay in the United States.

“Wim did not think about staying at home for a second. He had to and would play here”, assistant trainer Bobby Haarms told the Telegraph.

“Despite the bad experiences before the competition, he still counted on something, that it would all fizzle out. That's why it was such a terrible sight to see him in the dressing room like that. Excited and utterly disillusioned. To experience something like this in your own home, you don't want anyone like that.”

(Bobby Haarms, Telegraph 08-12-1980)

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Board members stood at Ajax, trainer Beenhaker and club icon Cruijff lined up to show their anger at the event.

“In retrospect we should not have played this match”, grumbled Ajax president Harmsen against Het Vrije Volk. “When Wim Jansen was hit by that ice ball and had to be taken groggy to the locker room, we considered not playing, but what do you want with 60.000 spectators in the stands. That was not a viable option.”

Referee Weerink also had to endure a lot of criticism. “The yellow cards fell much too late”, Cruijff summed up angrily. “Weerink did not sense the explosive mood. First he helps Jansen to his feet, but then he leaves Peters, Nielsen and Brard do the demolition work. What was that man doing.”

Safety on the field was also a concern for Cruijff. Last year a knife was thrown on the field at a FC Groningen match.

“It started with a knife, now an ice ball. What is the next item to whiz across the field?”

(Johan Cruijff, Het Vrije Volk, 08-12-1980)

What Ajax will do with the incident is not clear. Harmsen could not say whether there is a protest against the result or the entire course of events. Harmsen: “It would have been a little easier for all of us if we had won the game. We don't want to be called bad losers.”

Hoe ging het verder?

A 12 year old boy, Youseph Bushinal, turned out to be the one who threw the ice ball.

“It took quite a while for the players to come out”, he said earlier in an interview with OPEN Rotterdam. “And before the game I was busy with snow instead of shredded paper. But that snowball kept getting smaller. And when that tunnel opened, I threw everything in my head towards those players. And I was lucky that I hit Wim Jansen in the face.”

“It was just luck, of course. Lovely”, Bushinal looks back.

“They came into the box to ask who had thrown. Then they said on box S "it was mascot!’, because that's what they called me because I had so many scarves. So those guys were happy with me too. Whether I wanted a coke or a hamburger. I could get anything, what I wanted then.”

Jansen resumed training a few days after the incident. Ajax filed a complaint, because too few security measures were taken by Feyenoord. The match should be declared void, but the disciplinary committee did not agree.


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published: 09-12-1980

Author: Dave Datema

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