HEINENOORD / BARENDRECHT - With an oldtimer opened minister Bakker afternoon the brand new Heinenoordtunnel in the small village. This is the last bottleneck traffic between Rotterdam and Vlissingen, the Delta Route, disappeared. The demolition of the old lift in Barendrecht, a source of frustration for many drivers, is started immediately today.

The contrast could hardly be greater today. Baker Minister of Economic Affairs in the backseat of the old French Brasier, which thus opened, the state of the art tunnel. The car drove, to Barendrecht side, through the ribbon, What still, a particularly again the opening did touch.

Minister drs. J.A. Bakery opens the Heinenoord tunnel under the Oude Maas in Barendrecht. Foto: National Archives / Anefo

Bakker was met in the tunnel by Mayor Gerrit of Hofwegen. Together they walked through the tunnel, the Hoekschewaard.

Van Hofwegen was not the first time he The tunnel ran. Late last year he has made the walk with his colleague Groeneweg of the municipality Heinenoord. Last month, the tunnel was also equally open to curious pedestrians. Certainly made a thousand walkers use the opportunity to see inside the tunnel.

Polygon-news 1969 – 32. Bron: open Images (License: CC0)

problem Case

After previously the Haringvlietbrug (1964), the Grevelingendam (1965) and Zeelandbrug (1965) were opened, The old lift was at Barendrecht the only problem if the Delta route between Rotterdam and Vlissingen.

the lift (construction year 1888) was as close above the water that was up to each ship. In addition, the road was one lane wide, so even if there was no shipping, there was congestion.

Traffic on bridge Barendrecht. Foto: Eric Koch, National Archives / Anefo

Often there was no doubt the Barendrechtseweg in Hoeksche Worth the Achterzeedijk in Barendrecht. But thanks to the new tunnel is now five minutes from Rotterdam in the Hoekschewaard.

Now the Delta route is completely finished, do traffic not to drive along Dordrecht and Brabant. The entire route provides a time savings of half an hour to three quarters. However, should pay toll to become: for Haringvlietbrug (fl. 2.50) and Zeelandbrug (fl. 3,-) .

Polygon-news 1969 – 32. Bron: open Images (License: CC0)


The new tunnel has 58 cost million guilders. Construction started in 1966. The project was built near the dock at the Old Maas, Which even though the project is completed remains.

The new tunnel has two lanes in both directions to traffic. There is a special track for tractors, cyclists and walkers. That way the farmers can still Hoekschewaard always deliver their goods at auction in Barendrecht.

There is an elevator built for cyclists and pedestrians in the tunnel.

The capacity of the tunnel 30.000 vehicles per day. It is expected that this number will not be reached for the time being.

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The mission of the Heinenoordtunnel the crowds around crossing dispel was unsuccessful on the first day. Due to the large number of interested (with car) traffic was on both sides of the tunnel completely stuck.

In addition, a few trucks arrived in the bicycle tunnel justly, which was not supposed. By was quickly put some signs solved that problem.

The first accident was also a fact within a few hours. A girl of seven drove her quickly cycled through the tunnel and crashed. She walked head injury.

Only in the evening, the weather became calmer around the tunnel.

Secretary Baker and the company will run out of the tunnel. Foto: Joop Bakker, National Archives / Anefo


The pressed around the new tunnel was in stark contrast with the rest around the old Barendrecht bridge. The only thing to hear it used to be, was the sound of the gas burners the demolition. Tomorrow it goes first intermediate portion of the bridge already out there, writes Het Vrije Volk.

The intermediate part is then treated at high tide with a floating bin of its place taken and transferred to firm Rijsdijk in Zwijndrecht. Next week will be taken the other Surge. Thereafter, the lift portion and the lifting portals turn.

If all goes well with the bridge only two toll booths in two months.

Hoe ging het verder?

The toll on the old Barendrecht bridge stand still. They have recently been refurbished and therefore in good condition.

The opening of the tunnel was even abroad newsworthy. In British newsreel attention was paid to the opening.

The tunnel itself turned out to be particularly popular for fast traffic. In 1970 drive there every day still about 18.500 vehicles through the tunnel . Two years later there 25.000.

In 1973 the boundary will be of 30.000 achieved and 1980 to be it 50.000 per day.

It ensures that the Heinenoordtunnel a new bottleneck is with many files. In 1991 is therefore converted the east tunnel of the tunnel. The special lane for slower traffic should believe and then to disappear. The morning rush (Rotterdam) has thus gone.

But it is not a definitive solution, because certainly in the evening hours, there are queues of the Vaanplein up to the tunnel. thereby Also it is established traffic on the A15.

All is therefore a plan in the 80s for a second Heinenoordtunnel. That tunnel is designed for slow traffic, so that southbound tunnel there is a special path to disappear.

It will take until 1997 Before the construction of the Second Heinenoordtunnel can begin. It is a peculiarity, because the tunnel is the first drilled tunnel of the Netherlands. A special drill is progressing every day ten meters between Barendrecht and Heinenoord. On the other hand the drill is converted, and is also applied to the other side of the tunnel tube for a special drilled slow traffic.

The experience gained in this job is later used in the Botlek Tunnel and the North-South line in Amsterdam.

Op 16 september 1999 Prince Willem-Alexander opens the second Heinenoordtunnel.

The demolition of the tunnel was actually completed within a few months. Thereof are newly edited by Bas Romeijn:


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