LEAD - He got out, waved to the people and even gave a young lady, dressed in traditional costume, First one and then another kiss. Nothing could be seen that the biggest security operation in the history of our country so far has been the visit of US President George Bush to Netherlands. Leiden received the president with open arms.

Leiden had really prepared for Bush's visit. there hung banners with texts like 'Leiden loves you' and 'Leiden say' Hi 'to the President '. The good-natured crowd waved flags that were handed out.

Rapenburg was packed with curious. Although it is the third time Bush visits the country, but never before had it here as president. Sterker nog, it was even visited the first time that a president of the most powerful country in the world our country.

At the time Bush was getting at the Academy Building He almost welcomed. The audience was almost impossible to keep a young and Dutch cheese girl managed to give the president two kisses.

It must have been a nightmare for any security adviser to the White House.

Bush then got back into the armored limousine. He just looked around and drove on. Lead had the business card for Netherlands handed in.

lightning Visit

The visit of George Bush and his wife Barbara took in total 25 hours and went to military precision. Schiphol was Bush welcomed by Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. That was extremely cordial, but not surprising, since Bush 1983 en 1985 even though it was them received.

This was followed by the official part, first at Parliament Buildings, Noordeinde Palace and later the prime minister's residence. As Bush spoke with Prime Minister Lubbers and Van den Broek Minister of Foreign Affairs. The main topic: the relations in the world and the 'detente in Eastern Europe and Russia ".

Unlike Leiden, Den Haag certainly not in the Captured by the US President. The town was half turned into a fortress.

Ruim 1400 police and anti-terrorist specialists were used to allow the visit. The armored Cadillac is special flown to visit, like a black SUV with guards and a physician.

In the Hague Noordeinde hospital was a complete operating room equipped by the Americans, to take action, might be necessary. On the roof of Noordeinde Palace, where the president stayed overnight, were snipers.


Given all the measures was therefore difficult to imagine how spontaneous Bush's visit to Leiden looked. Bush was still surprised with the information that he is directly descended from the Pilgrims, die in 1620 departed from Leiden to America.

Bush held in Peter's speech, which he said that a strong Europe was also important for America.

Goekoop also mayor of Leiden could speak in church. He pointed out that Leiden moment 'was the center of the world', which attracted a spontaneous applause from the President. And he referred to the Pilgrim Fathers, which in addition to freedom of religion, Also fixed were in favor of the right to demonstrate. This Goekoop made a nod to the handful of protesters outside were not happy with the visit of the President.

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Because there were here and there surely hear some discords, all you had to do to search.

Alderman The Links La Mar Leiden had a shirt attracted with the text that "Leiden is for all refugees'. He even managed to get a leaflet about refugees in the hands of presidential press. "But I do not think he's going to read", showed He informed the reporter of Allegiance.

other protests, For example, on US policy Nicaragua or the abortion policy, were barely noticeable. A tablet that recalls the pilgrims was again completely cleaned, after someone it previously had daubed.

Lead may perhaps not quite the center of the world have been; the visit of the President In any case, however created an impression. And perhaps other.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 16-7-2019

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