ROTTERDAM - After five years of work, the Rotterdam Maastunnel now fully operational. This afternoon was, without any kind of ceremony, pedestrians- and opened cyclists tunnel, the last part of the first road tunnel in Netherlands.  

Authorities have minimal, or perhaps even given no publicity at the opening of the second river connection in Rotterdam. At the stroke of midnight did one of the employees of the tunnel doors of the underpass open and thus the tunnel was opened.

the former

Two boys from Rotterdam go the books first users of the finished tunnel, although that was not quite intended. While the local commander of the Germans waited for the doors to open, shrieked the two boys along the tunnel in.

The two boys were with their teacher went to the opening. The teacher brother previously worked on the ferry across the river, but he was retrained by the construction of the tunnel to tunnel guard. That way he could tell his brother when the tunnel opened.

As the teacher of the Rotterdam School of view that should be the first users of the tunnel Rotterdam, He took two students to the 'opening'.

As soon as the door showing any movement, ran the three co-worker along the of the tunnel, so the newly-opened pipe in. They went down the escalator, ran to the other side and there came to the conclusion that the door to the south was still closed. They could then merely reversing.

halfway 584 meter tunnel, the first three German soldiers and other users of the tunnel at, which is also shortly after they have entered the tunnel. As quickly as they entered the tunnel, they went out again.

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Or not the first?

The three are perhaps the first official user of the tunnel, they are not the first who made use of.

The past weeks, when Rotterdam was hit by a cold wave, a portion of the tunnel has been opened earlier than planned. The car ferry between Charlois and Parkkade could on 30 January Not more sail because of ice on the water.

To the surprise of the waiting cars, they were led to the tunnel of Maastunnel. This went two weeks ago, the first cars through the tunnel. The first player with his vehicle was the big question through the tunnel.

when on 7 February is also the ferry was taken out of service because of the cold, was opened, the second car tunnel tube, for cyclists and pedestrians.

The last tunnel was only open today, since the escalator was not ready.

Long-awaited connection

The tunnel Rotterdam, the long-awaited second crossing. Late last century the debate over a new connection, because William Bridge was open about half the time for shipping.

Initially the solution was sought in ferries, maar in 1920 the idea was developed for a new Willemsbrug. To bridge such huge ramps were needed, which had to be demolished part of the old town and saw that many people do not sit.

In the 20's Rotterdam were sent abroad to study the possibilities for a tunnel. Thus was born after a study in 1929 the drawing for the Maastunnel.

Eventually there were three designs on table; a suspension bridge 60 metre high, a small tunnel, and a larger tunnel, with two tubes and a bicycle- and underpass. Prices hardly appeared to differ. Op 18 mei 1933 Rotterdam city council agreed to the large tunnel plan.

In 1937 was begun construction. The eight tunnel sections were built on the side. It was then to the middle of the river and dangers in the river lower, a revolutionary method for Netherlands. When seven of the eight parts in place layers, was the bombing of Rotterdam place. Nine months later, the last piece was placed.

Late last year with a lag of six months, the tunnel has been completed. Strategic channels for reasons the authorities kept secret delivery.

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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2017

story number: 29

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