ROTTERDAM - A group of about 200 Marines attempted to dislodge the drug at Rotterdam Centraal. That attempt failed, because the police allowed the Marines waiting.

Of the Marines who entered there are eighteen detained in the clean-up operation '. They have been set free again.

During the evening, the first Marines at Rotterdam Centraal. There blows were distributed to the drug addicts, hanging around 'Perron Nul', next to the station.

The police, who was present in fairly large numbers at the station, hold immediately. A warning shot was fired.

Eighteen cadets were beaten in chains. The rest, dozens, immediately fled. They were shot to help the cabbies next to the station, in their work but have too much burden of junkies. The taxi drivers Cadets brought back to the barracks.

What is the immediate reason for the action of the Marines, is not clear. The story goes that the wife of a corporal was harassed at the station. Police can not confirm.

There may be more reasons. Last night Dutch national team lost in the semi-finals of the European Football Championship in Denmark. Many Marines were in town.


In several newspapers the action of the cadets of the Van Ghent Station is already being compared with the clean-up operation in August 1970 on the Dam in Amsterdam. When the national monument was released by the Marine Corps and Navy hippies.

The action brings many loose in Rotterdam. In the police the phone is ringing. Where the police get the nerve to tackle these guys, which address the nuisance in the city?

"In some districts was the phone even ringing

(Hans Stoop, police spokesman, Telegraph, 24-06-1992)

The taxi drivers make no secret that they have helped the Marines in training. "For free, solidarity ", says one of the drivers.

"It is outrageous that travelers from anxiety do in their pants when they arrive here at the station and want to take a taxi. Sometimes our clients are robbed when boarding. There's this for a hundred years jail together around "

(Cab driver, Dagblad van het Noorden, 24-06-1992).

The drivers hope that the city now will pursue the plan to move the junk collector to the other side of the station, so that taxis passengers will suffer less.


The action of the Marines “was supported by everyone”, say two Marines against the ANP. Everyone stood behind, also the officers.

According to Captain Van Pelt is the plan created during the communal meal of the Marines in the barracks. Officers are not involved in making plans and they were not on the square in front of Rotterdam Central.

Van Pelt police were tipped off about the plans of the Marines. "Therefore, avoiding complications", says captain. "To our knowledge there has been no scuffle. However, the group assumed a huge threat to the junkies. "

The police were waiting with ten agents at Rotterdam Centraal. Due to the competition of the Dutch team was also the riot police on standby.

But the Marines will not just get away. “We weten wie het zijn”, says Van Pelt. “Ze komen nog wel aan de beurt. Het waren bijna allemaal jongens in opleiding, net begonnen.”

Almost all political groups in Parliament (except the VVD) have condemned the violence by the Marines.

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Perron 0

Reverend Hans Visser commented shocked by the riots. He started five years ago with the capture of drug addicts in a shack near Rotterdam Centraal. Since taking methadone provided, is the number of addicts greatly grown at the station.

For Reverend Fisher, the riots and the response to the riots be an important indicator.

"It's a kind of nightmare. Apparently there is little support for the project, that's very disappointing "

(ds. Hans Visser, Leiden newspaper, 24-06-1992)

Hoe ging het verder?

Or the action of the Marines was the 'beginning of the end of ramp 0', is not certain, but she does have hastened the end of the junk collector at Rotterdam Centraal.

The taxi drivers leaving the action of the Central Marines still fly a plane over Rotterdam says "Marines thanks'. A few days later, Pastor Visser answer the same way by a plane that says "junkies are people 'to fly around.

Of the eighteen marines who have been arrested for 'public violence', no one is prosecuted. there are no offenses committed by early police intervention, says prosecution. Also, the taxi drivers are not prosecuted.

Five days later, late Councilor Henderson know that firmer action against the junkies and drug dealers. The State Council stipulates that Perron Zero moves, to a place closer to a police station.

There are gates to the new Perron Nul. But that did not keep the inconvenience to. Two years later decide Pepper mayor of Rotterdam reception place is closed. This is done by 13 december 1994.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 47

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