ROTTERDAM - The police are already spending hours locked in a battle with rioters after tonight's run the honoring of champions Feyenoord out of control. Police have fired a shot at the rioters. There are at least four wounded, one of which is in bad shape. Dozens of people were arrested. How big the damage is, is not yet clear.

After 2-2 draw this afternoon against NAC gathered 150.000 tot 250.000 Feyenoord supporters on the Coolsingel there to celebrate the first title in six years. The atmosphere was supreme best, until the end of the balcony scene.

Coolsingel hit a group of hundred hooligans clashed with police. seven agents, that were entrapped, drew their weapons and dissolved warning shots. When that did not work was also aimed shot. While a man was hit in the abdomen. He is now being operated on in hospital.

Simultaneously riots also broke out in other parts of the city ​​center. The Mobile Unit, which was kept in the background for no problems provoke, had trouble to trouble to suppress.

a water cannon were deployed at the Hofplein rioters. At the Town Hall officers were pelted with bottles, stone and other objects that were available.

On the High Street a surplus store was looted. The staff just managed to prevent the rioters from going off with axes and knives.


If an unleashed horde attracted by the rioters shopping in the center of Rotterdam. In Blokker, not far from flattering went the shop it, to the delight of the rioters.

a girl, unrelated to the riots had to do, was crying, writes a GPD reporter. Two other girls clung someone.

"Please tell us where we can in the subway. We want to leave here. This is awful "

(Leiden newspaper, 26-04-1999)

The group drew on the High Street. When the windows of the drugstore Boots and Aktiesport proved too strong, the facade of the McDonalds was the next victim.

"Here at Fooks they just ran with piles of pants out", said a local resident who saw it all happen to a reporter from the GPD newspapers. “Jong, old, boys, girls, There was everything in between. "

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Many people saw the rioting and looting with sorrow. "I feel like crying", said door Freek a catering business on the Coolsingel at Wedding. "These are not Feyenoord supporters. I have never seen so many bottles, stones and teringzooi seen flying through the air. For me the police had more may shoot you. "

Another passerby said that he "broke ashamed '.

"Again a few ruined it for the large group. And there who get the blame again? Right, the fans. That these guys definitely not. These guys are sick. Seriously ill. "

(Leiden newspaper, 26-04-1999)

Yet it was not the first time that it went so wrong in a celebration of Feyenoord. After the previous championship, in 1993, there were even riots after the ceremony, but not on this scale.


Mayor Opstelten of Rotterdam called the riots in Volkskrant an 'anti-climax'. Previously, he was still a 'fantastic festival '.

Police spokesman Ger de Jong described the events too "upsetting". He could not say whether there were few riot police at the leg of the championship celebration. Being evaluated in the coming days.

Hoe ging het verder?

The riots overshadowed the championship completely. The police had to 02:00 at night trying to restore order. then were at 93 retail and office windows smashed. he had 25 shops looted. The damage was around 10 miljoen gulden.

A large study found the riots, by the Institute Security and Crisis Management, for example, also investigated the stand riots in Hoek van Holland.

That study showed that of the eighty detainees there only three belonged to the hard core of Feyenoord. The vast majority of the perpetrators were "opportunity of hooligans', attracted by the violence. Most were under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

The police did not take into account these riots Scale. Agents were scattered through the crowd and could not intervene if the threatened to go anywhere wrong.

The agent who was shot a troublemaker in his belly eventually not prosecuted. But it took almost 2 years before it clarity came.

It eventually took until 2017 until there was a new ceremony in Rotterdam. Mayor Aboutaleb had threatened that the ceremony would not go if it were restless in the city, Immediately after bringing the league title.

When Feyenoord 7 mei 2017 met 3-0 of lost Excelsior, there were yet again riots in the city with dozens of arrests. However, a week later went (when the title was eventually won) a ceremony on Monday morning, without any dissonance.


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Author: Dave Datema

story number: 92

published: 24-04-1999

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