The Hague - In a building at Schenkkade in The Hague Bezuidenhout, the escaped master cracker Aage M. arrested. The 32-year-old man from The Hague known and notorious was breaking into the Middle Class Nederlandsche Bank was at least four months on the run.

Certainly twenty policemen were around 12:50 hour home within the Schenkkade. He was on the second floor, with a pair of radio receivers, that he overheard the police stations.

The Telegraph was one of the first to, when Aage M. was arrested.

"Aage turned white and stood rooted to the ground when he was in his bedroom, he just woken axis footsteps of detectives on the roof, suddenly looked over the service pistol of the Superintendent ... who led the carefully prepared arrest. "

Telegraph, 07-08-1974

Aage M. made an attempt to escape, but surrendered, after he saw outside also agents.

Besides the master cracker also arrested the owner of the house and his girlfriend. They are suspected of hiding the master cracker.


The police had already been the idea that the master cracker was somewhere in or around The Hague. One of the clues was the break-in at AMRO Bank to Leyweg Hague, a few weeks ago. That was so professionally executed, that agents directly thought Aage M. figure would can sit.

After cracking the investigation team also got some tips about the possible whereabouts of Aage M. to Schenkkade. The phone line in the house was then drained. During one of those calls the police would Aage heard himself. That was the signal for the police to take place Raid.

Because the police were convinced that they Aage M. were bugged, was the action in full "radio silence’ executed.


Aage M. have multiple attempts at a police put astray. He sent cards from Belgium and Germany with Text "Greetings from Aage '.

The hiding place of Aage M. were also wigs and makeup ready. In the style of the master cracker, There were no weapons found.

The last time Aage M. was was arrested on 11 May last year. When he was found in a self-built shelter to Badhuisweg. That house was equipped with television cameras, so he always Time could hide in the shelter. Eventually the police to him track down, by studying blueprints of his house.


Aage M. known as someone who shun violence. would he consciously burglary in Middenstandsbank private savings lockers have left untouched.

He has the image of a professional cracker with some spectacular burglaries in his name. In addition to the cracking in the Dutch Middenstandsbank (fl. 600.000,-) Helmond he knew a large sum of money (fl. 160.000,-) pick during an 'Easter Crack' from the vault V&D in Leeuwarden and the ANWB in Rotterdam (fl. 70.000,-).

After his arrest last year Aage M. convicted to five years in prison. On appeal went there a year from. A week after the verdict the Court did Aage M. break out of the prison in Leeuwarden.

For his burglaries the Hague master cracker used often thermic lance. That is a device in which oxygen by what rods magnesium is pressed. In addition, a flame is created by 3500 graden, standing by the firmest layers of metal burns.

De 32-jarige Aage M. denies anything to do with the squatters in Leystraat has.

Hoe ging het verder?

It later transpired that Aage M. not all the time hiding has seated at Schenkkade. He was initially caught by a cop out Rijswijk, which for a while had a relationship with Aage. It is shortly after the arrest the master cracker arrested. The woman worked in the criminal investigation Rijswijk.

Aage M. went back to jail, where he remained. The complete patriotic media stood before the gates of the prison, when, after 4,5 year sentence was again a free man. A few days later, he may do his story on television, For at Fist Way Willem Duys.

For Fist off Willem Duys. guest: Aage M (Youtube)

In 1976 there appeared a book of Aage M., titled "My nights with the thermic lance '. It does not ensure that the ship with money inside for Aage M. He tries as owner of a sex club in Zeeland. But he loses a lot of money to gamble and had a lavish lifestyle. He comes back into prison. He dies at the age of 43 of cancer in a hospital in The Hague.


Het Vrije Volk – 07-08-1974 – Aage M. caught

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the Bevelander – 23-02-2017 – Meesterkraker Aage M. seeks peace on Beveland

Author: Dave Datema

published: 05-08-2019

story number: 120

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