Den Haag – Dutch football team has put down a stunt, by winning the friendly match against the national team of England Amateur. On more than sold Houtrust in The Hague with 2-1 won. Spartan Henry "Hugh’ the Great was the big man on the Dutch side, with two goals.

Dutch National Team played eight years ago for the first official international match. Sinds 1907 English amateur team is invited to two years. Since then, Orange has only just lost.

The English are known as the inventors of football and thus the best team in the world. England already has been a professional league and amateur team. The best amateurs are selected for this squad. In 1900 en 1908 the team was Olympic champion.

"Of all the international competitions, by the Netherlands, which is the principal against Englishmen. They are our teachers on the football field. Mulier is the game from England brought here. The speed of Sparta and R.A.P. and later from other clubs in England have the game done much good and the visit of British unions, brought to our country, our players have learned a lot. "

(New Rotterdam Courant - 23-03-1913)

Although not the best English footballers as opposed to 'Orange' stand, After all, the pros do not count, it is not a team to underestimate. The English amateurs won all seven games against Netherlands, which have played so far (including an 12-2 en 9-1 victory). The best performance is a 1-0 defeat in England.

But the team is not invincible. The Danes already overcome once a (impaired) Engels amateurteam. The Germans and the Belgians dragged there once a draw from.


The authorities and the Football Association have left nothing to chance. At Houtrust, the field of H.B.S., fit 15.500 spectators. It was expected that it would be particularly busy at the sports ground.

There were extra trams and trains regularly which would transport spectators to and from the site. On the premises were put down plates, so people could see where to go. There was a remarkable and urgent appeal to female visitors to 'protect hat pins "their. "On occasions where so many thousands come each, wearing unprotected hat pins is extremely dangerous and irresponsible ", let the organization.

The warnings crowds were not for nothing. Even before the sports park opened, there were long lines for Houtrust. It was decided to open the gates earlier. Finally sit between the 16.000 en 17.000 People in the stands when the game starts.

That the game is not only interesting for 'ordinary people' is evident from the occupation of the grandstand. Besides the mayor of The Hague are also ministers, senior, generals and even seen a Belgian prince and princess.

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The English coach of the Dutch national team, Edgar Chadwick, was right before the game forced to throw his plans. By a hip injury could not play the 19-year-old Jan van Breda Kolff. His place was taken by Spartan front Henri de Groot. Rotterdam's supporters call him caress Huug, referring to Hugo Grotius in our history lessons.

Orange played well in the usual 2-3-5 setup.

After the ceremony of Spartan Bok de Korver for its thirtieth match and kicked by Mayor Van Karnebeek Hague Orange immediately takes the initiative. De Groot ran quickly to the British goalie Ron Brebner. A few minutes later it hit, when he could slide the ball past the keeper simple.

The opening goal creates a wave of joy on Houtrust. Would finally succeed once to defeat the English? The rain erupting at that time over the Hague can not spoil the fun.

Then entering a strong phase of the English. Especially star player Vivian Woodward, former international in the English 'professional team', appeared repeatedly hazardous for the purpose of Just Göbel. After playing for about half an hour can play the striker Chelsea again. Göbel hit the ball yet, but it can not block the shot; 1-1.

The Vitesse goalkeeper then drag Orange therethrough. Several times he manages to rescue English goal attempts. If he is then next once, he has luck on his side. Woodward hit the crossbar.

After the break, there are opportunities for both teams. If Orange then gets a free kick just outside the penalty area goes Henri de Groot back behind the ball. His commitment is changed by an English leg toward the wall. However, the ball goes into the goal; 2-1.

In the remaining thirty minutes is the Dutch spectators especially nail biting. The English stepping up the pressure further by, but Göbel makes a cool impression and saves time and time again.

On the other hand, the British now gone so much space that De Groot and Westra van Holthe get more opportunities, but not cash.

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national feast

The final whistle of the Belgian referee Barette created a true festival.

"The enthusiasm is indescribable. Die 17000 people are dancing, to cheer and jump and bring the players a great ovation. The audience that the players will honor, terminates at the cost of a jacket or costume, the barriers, whatever commissioners to try to stop. "

(Het Nieuws van de Dag, 25-03-1913)

Several players like goalkeeper Göbel, Bok de Korver and David Wijnveldt go on shoulders. The English Vivian Woodward is lifted vertically by the enthusiastic audience. On the shoulders of the party crowd brought the players to the dressing rooms. In the corridors, the race is already defined now as "the miracle of Houtrust '.

Netherlands - England (amateurs): 2-1

7’ 1-0 De Groot, 29’ 1-1 Woodward, 56’ 2-1 De Groot

arrangement Netherlands: Göbel (Speed), wine Veldt (OUT), Bosschart (Quick), Boutmy (HBS), De Korver (Sparta), D. Kessler (HVV), Van der Wolk (Sparta), Westra van Holthe (Achilles’94), De Groot (Sparta), Your (UVV), T. Kessler (HVV).

England setup (a): Brebner (Chelsea), Ansell (Oxford City), Knight (Portsmouth), McWhirter (Leicester Fosse), Veitch (Stockton), Dines (Ilford), Shipway (Dulwich Hamlet), Littler (1st Kings Royal Rifles), Woodward (Chelsea), Douglas (Ilford), Callender (Stockton)

Referee: Barette (België), Tromp (NL), Roberts (ENG)

Hoe ging het verder:

The victory of the Dutch team against the English amateurs is one of the greatest sporting achievements of the Dutch team for this period. Until the First World War Orange out once more against the amateur team, in november 1913. When England won 'normal' again 2-1. The Dutch goal is scored by HBS player Joop Boutmy.

A turnaround was no, lost because a few weeks later with Orange chance of Belgium 4-2 (in almost the same arrangement).

Thereafter, it takes up to 1935 Netherlands again until playing against the English, then against the "professional team". That match is with 1-0 lost. Then do it all in Orange players along as Puck van Heel, BEB BAKHUYS, Kick Smit and Kees My managers.

In the 50s, followed by another two games against amateur team. In 1952 is with 2-2 thre in Boothferry Park (Hull). Two years later Dutch win, met 1-0 in the Cockpit. Then the English amateur team still plays games against Orange, but also play at Orange only amateurs.

De Korver

The Spartan club icon Bok de Korver certainly was his highlight of his international career. He would after this competition twice in orange play, against Belgium and again against England.

De Korver was honored before the game against England 30 internationals, but in fact it was his 29th. A league match (no official international) was counted.

Until the outbreak of the First World War, Orange played four games, but without De Korver. After the war ended he was with his 35 year old to play for national team, he found himself.


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Text: Dave Datema coop Sjoerd Bootsma

published: 01 oktober 2017

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