ANTWERP - On the grounds of FC Beerschot in Antwerp, the Dutch national team has won its very first official international match. Belgium became, after renewal, met 4-1 defeated. Eddy de Neve of Velocitas Breda was the big man on the Dutch side with four goals.

Players and supporters left Rotterdam this morning for Antwerp. There was not much confidence in a good outcome.

"When she got around 9 uur 18 got on the train to get "the brass thing" in Antwerp, few thought this would come true, all the more so because the journey had always brought defeat for four years ”

(Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad, 02-05-1905)

The "Copper Thing’ was the Van Abeele cup, that the Dutch national team has never won before. The Dutch national team lost the meeting four times, but in previous games not always the best players in the Netherlands participated, because the competition should not be disrupted. This time, the first choice of manager Van Hasselt took office in Antwerp.

Both teams played in the usual 2-3-5 formation. In addition, the Rotterdam national coach Van Hasselt also made room for the Spartan Bok de Korver, and the DFC players Beeuwkes, Lotsy en De Vos.

Strong start

The Dutch national team was already successful in the initial phase, with a goal from Guus Lutjens, but that goal was rejected because of offside.

“Both sides show magnificent play in the first half, although the Dutch combination is better overall, except the Belgian goalkeeper Thornton, who simply performs miracles and earned his place as an "international"

(The Fatherland, 01-05-1905)

After the break, the Netherlands had a tailwind and pressure was put on it goal of Thornton bigger and bigger. Still it was a long wait for the first goal.

“How hard our people - all without distinction - work, they cannot take the lead. Kessler briefly changes the position, he goes forward himself, The Korver in place and Lotsy whose shot was less clear, in the middle line. Half a minute later, Lutjens allows his colleague De Neve to score goals (1-0).”

(The Fatherland, 01-05-1905)

After that it was expected that the Dutch national team would continue would run out, but the opposite was the case. Ben Stom made his own goal, minutes before the official game time expires, after a misunderstanding with goalkeeper Reinier Beeuwkes.

“Stupid plays at Beeuwkes, who had already run out and kicks over the ball that now rolls into the goal quite cool ”

(Algemeen Handelsblad, 01-05-1905)

In extension, it was again De Neve that gave the Dutch national team a lead. He headed out of a corner.

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After Belgium did not receive a penalty after an alleged violation from Kamperdijk, the resistance among the Belgians was finally broken. The Neve scored twice more.

There were between one thousand and twelve hundred spectators on Het Kiel. Quite a few Dutch people had also come by train. Got afterwards the Dutch national team awarded the brass thing, like the president of Beerschot described it. National coach Van Hasselt was appointed honorary member of the Belgian Football Association.

Netherlands – België

score results: 80’ 0-1 Eddy de Neve, 86’ 1-1 Am stupid (own goal), 106’ 1-2 Eddy de Neve, 117’ 1-3 Eddy de Neve, 119’ 1-4 Eddy de Neve

Line-up Belgium: Thornton (Leopold); Poelman (Union), Andrieu (Racing), Raemakers (Racing), Lump (Union), Van Hoorden (Racing), Robyn (Daring), Burns (Daring), Gustave Vanderstappen (Union), Destrebecq (Union), Charles Vanderstappen (Union).

arrangement Netherlands: Beeuwkes (DFC); Stol ( Haarlem), Stupid (Unstable); De Korver ( Sparta), Gleenewinkel Kamperdijk ( HBS ), Kessler (HVV); Boomsma (Sparta) , Lotsy (DFC), De Neve (Unstable), Lutjens (Unstable), Of yours ( DFC )

Referee: king (NL)

Hoe ging het verder?

Two weeks later, the Netherlands again played against the Belgians, but then in Rotterdam. The Dutch national team won with 4-0. This time was the stake the Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad Prize.

Bok de Korver makes the first Dutch goal homegrown.

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