RIJSOORD - After five days the fighting with the Germans in our country is over. General Winkelman signed the capitulation of the troops in our country this morning in Rijsoord. The surrender was brought about by the bombing of Rotterdam and the threat that other cities would also suffer this fate. The capitulation does not apply to Zeeland.

The capitulation was signed in a school building in Rijsoord, a village near Ridderkerk. Winkelman arrived there during the morning. The German delegation was already present at that time.

General Student of the German army had suffered a few days ago a headquarters located in the hotel in Rijsoord. Later the adjacent school involved.

Student was not present at the surrender. He hit seriously injured yesterday in Rotterdam. When signing the surrender of Rotterdam, a few hours after the bombing, someone shot through the window, true Student just looked outside. He was taken to hospital and is out of danger.

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General Winkelman was taken with a German car this morning, with white flag, picked up in The Hague. When hit by the bombing Rotterdam, the wagons of the general and his staff were by a Rotterdammer piloted through the city. Many buildings were about to collapse and the chosen route was not safe enough.

Winkelman was assisted by Major General Van Voorst to Voorst, chief of the general staff, captain of the general staff J.D. Creators and lieutenant at sea Van Doorninck.

They were met in Rijsoord by his German colleague George von Küchler. There was also media present of the German photo- and film service. On The street also saw soldiers and a few inhabitants of Rijsoord.

Von Küchler first spoke in the room in the school building admire the resistance offered by the Dutch army. Afterwards the drafted capitulation conditions were read out.

General Winkelman has had some passages adapted. Or there is also the exception for the province of Zeeland, where still French, Belgian and Dutch troops fight, is niet duidelijk.

After signing General Winkelman and his left staff again in a white flag car.

Most people responded quiet", Jan de Jong said afterwards. “Some called boo. We did not realize that we witnessed the capitulation in Rijsoord. Which we didn't hear on the radio until later. ”

Into war (the vast majority of the Netherlands) finally took five days. In the southern front, via Dordrecht and Rotterdam, the Dutch troops were completely taken by surprise. Ultimately, the Grebbelinie did not survive. Alleen de verdediging bij de Afsluitdijk heeft stand weten te houden. As far as known are in these five days 2300 soldiers died on the Dutch side. On the German side, there were just a little more than 2000.

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Hoe ging het verder?

In Zeeland, fighting continued until 17 mei 1940. Also made there a bombardment (Middelburg) an end to the war.

In the school building, where the capitulation is drawn is now one museum. There are also dolls that Winkelman, Von Küchler and the others attendees should introduce. The Museum School is every first Saturday of the open month.

At the museum is a bust of General Winkelman. Also on a monument is the text "A people who neglects his defense puts his freedom on the line".


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