MAASSLUIS/SKIKDA – In the event of a disaster with the Nedlloyd chemical tanker Maassluis off the coast of Algeria, 27 people killed. Among the victim, thirteen and fourteen Dutch Indonesian, MAASSLUIS/SKIKDA – In the event of a disaster with the Nedlloyd chemical tanker Maassluis off the coast of Algeria,. H. O. of the Rotterdam shipping company confirmed Maanen.

The accident happened off the coast of the Algerian port Skikda. The ship hit a storm on a pier and sank. Of the passengers there are only two rescued.

The ship with a carrying capacity of 25.000 tonnes was empty net outside the harbor and was later charged today. The storm hit the ship loose. During the last radio contact, tonight at half past three, reported crew would try to disembark.

Van Maanen was the storm right on the Algerian coast. "Then a ship up and down Smacked. The anchor chains appear over elastics ", said Van Maanen against TVNZ today.

The director suspects that the anchor chains are broken, but this should be confirmed by examination. The captain has the motors yet started, but because there was no cargo on board, had likely little effect.

only two (Indonesian) crew managed managed to reach safety, by jumping overboard and swimming to the reach quay.

The storm, the ship was beaten on the pier. Then the ship was torn in pieces and sunk. The storm was not possible to save the crew. Another ship, op 38 kilometer distance, listened to the radio, but did not dare to approach the Maassluis.

The Algerian emergency now have hope given that 27 passengers can still be saved. The ship is in two broken and both parts have completely disappeared under the water.

A salvage team Nedlloyd flew this morning from Rotterdam to Algeria, along with two people from salvage company Smit. The weather is so bad that one can still not at the remains of the ship.

Hoe ging het verder?

There was a study by the Council for Shipping. Which found that the Maassluis should never be on this place, so close to the pier.

“Given the weather was staying there for several hours at most justified”. There was ample warning shot for the upcoming storm.

The Board also stated that the starboard anchor had been too little space. The anchor had delivered to port '’ must become, because there would have been enough time for.

later ee in the Grote Kerk in Maassluis


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 15 februari 2019

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