GOUDA - this afternoon ninety people detained at the national Sinterklaasintocht in Gouda. It involves participants of protest action against Zwarte Piet. They were demonstrating outside the places that did.

The city of Gouda had two designated places where protest was permitted. Both places were outside the center. Anti-Black Piet Demonstrators still headed towards the place where thousands of children with their parents to the saintly watched.

A reporter from Omroep West was just talking to the protesters when the group was arrested. "Because we all facets want to report, I was talking in this case, opponents of Zwarte Piet ", says Mark Cabbage on Omroep West. "And suddenly they were taken to the eye of the camera."

Police intervened after on the market was creating a disturbance. The group of protesters rolled out a banner that says "Black Pete is racism '. Others reacted thereon. There were also people from far-right angle.

In the scuffle were a father and his son in jeopardy.


Shoemaker mayor held a press conference after. He regrets the way things.

"It is unfortunate that the groups were required adults from out of town to argue at the end of the entry between the children. I find it disappointing that they disfigure therefore a children's party. " (Mayor Milo Shoemaker Gouda)

Shoemaker said the whole demonstration "an awkward moment". The mayor said earlier even at the press conference that sixty people were arrested, but turned out later that there are ninety.

The detainees are all set free again. At half past nine the latter walked out again. They were fined 220 euro note. Or the activists who are going to pay is unclear. They may make a lawsuit.

Prime Minister Rutte also called it "very sad’ in that the entry has expired restless.

“I'm in the Netherlands calling for Sinterklaas in the coming weeks to make a big party”, (Premier Rutte, 14-11-2014)


Prior to the entry into Gouda there have been several attempts to meet opponents of Zwarte Piet. So walked in Gouda helpers of another color around, as a Stroopwafel Piet’ and "Cheese Piet’

Van de 250 helpers in eight Gouda had a different appearance '. Mayor Shoemaker was then already know that there was little support for a large number of alternative helpers.

“How Zwarte Piet looks, should not be determined by the municipality. I will soon be known as the mayor of Piet Quota, we should not have” (Burgmeeester Shoemaker Gouda, Trouw, 14 oktober 2014)

Every year

Opponents of Zwarte Piet in turn make several times that they want to ruin any kids. They want racist elements disappear from Sinterklaas. Zwarte Piet is described by them as a "negative stereotype of black people associated with racist ideology and image of slavery '.

The criticism of the phenomenon is not new Zwarte Piet. The first criticism comes all from the 60s, but in recent years the debate between for- and opponents become increasingly fiercer. It is also only a few years ago that the protests are so openly with the national entry.

In 2011 Four people were arrested during the march in Dordrecht, because she wore a T-shirt that says "Black Pete is racism '. Three years later, the National Ombudsman decided that the arrest was unlawful.

One of those arrested was an artist Quinsy Gario, who became a figurehead of the protests against Zwarte Piet.

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Among those arrested was television filmmaker Sunny Bergman. Bergman was in Gouda for her documentary Black as soot. Its camera would be confiscated.

According to the VPRO, that documentary 1 December, broadcasting, Bergman was working in Gouda. They would be appalled by her arrest, said an employee of the VPRO against Nu.nl. "She is very surprised that she was arrested as a journalist and documentary filmmaker in her work."

Hoe ging het verder?

Almost all protesters who were arrested in Gouda, are not prosecuted. One prisoner had beaten a policeman and was eventually prosecuted. He received no punishment.

So far, and whats equally stressed, the series of arrests in Gouda probably the climax of Zwarte Piet Demonstration. Het is, on the other hand, certainly not the end of it.

In the following years, the authorities continued to struggle: How do you ensure that it remains a kids and how do you right to the freedom of expression of the Kick Out Zwarte Piet movement.

With the entry into Maassluis, in 2016, were classified again protest special courses. In advance of the demonstrators left all know that they do not would like to. Eventually soak them in Rotterdam, where Mayor Aboutaleb was picking up about two hundred protesters.

That was not quite right, The General Appeals Commission ruled a few years later. the noodbevel (a protest ban) was not clear transferred.

Een jaar later (2017) it was a private initiative, which stopped the demonstration. A group of people stopped on the A7 buses Kick Out on the highway against Zwarte Piet. The mayor of Dokkum has as yet banned rally.

Justice has finally 34 people identified who were involved in this blockade action. They should in October, So this month, to appear in court.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 205

The story about the arrests in Gouda at the Sinterklaasintocht is part of the series of stories History Month 2018. The theme of this year's Uprising. In this story are the protests against certain cultural phenomena. This story was drawn as neutral as possible.

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