THE HAGUE / ROTTERDAM - In the vast majority of South Holland, the news of the end of the Great War in Belgium and France for much commotion. There is joy and in several places the flags went out, but there were too many reasons not to speak of a party atmosphere.

In all the towns and villages the truce between the Triple Entente (France, Britain and until recently Russia) a de Finland (The German Empire and Austria / Hungary) the talk of the town. For example, caused much excitement in The Hague.

"On the street, the trams, in coffee houses and shops there was only one call: the cease-fire and the arrival of the Emperor. Never the extra editions of newspapers and numerous bulletins were also distributed so read pressure today. Where a shop window to read such a newspaper or newsletter hung, The men insisted on a lot of time again, often to reread the messages they already knew. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 12-11-1918)

Also in The Hague was the flag in some places from.

For the many thousands of refugees who have been accepted in our region, the news came as a relief. In The Hague gathered over Belgian soldiers and refugees of the day itself, which went ahead through town with the Belgian tricolor. The first procession went past the Belgian ambassador to the Netherlands at Lange Vijverberg. For his home, the Belgian national anthem was sung.

Then the group went to the French- , English- and US embassies.


In Rotterdam, the mood was no different than in other cities. In many refugees are accommodated in hotels in the city there was indeed a question of joy.

"There reigned aroused mood, there is now the opportunity to return many of them to their homes was finally opened. In stead here at the Hotel de L'Europe to Goudsche Wagenstraat took a 60-year-old Frenchman the word, to agreement of all make a solemn tribute to the Dutch, For all one in the anxious years of war and exile here has done for strangers. "

(Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad, 13-11-1918)

Then a French song was sung, and was toasted by the Netherlands and the Allies.

new refugees

In stark contrast to the joy among the refugees who are here in the region, was the news that this morning 840 French and Belgian refugee train had arrived in Rotterdam. They are temporarily housed in Uranium Hotel to the Broad Hilledijk.

If there is place, they are transferred to a warehouse of the Holland-America line on the Wilhelminakade. The first ships to transport refugees have been settled. A British ship will bring back refugees from Rotterdam to the French Dieppe.

It is expected that in the coming weeks also try many English prisoners from Rotterdam to return to England. All were released prisoner of war in Germany and left the German customs posts. The government will try to lead this new flow of people into good jobs.

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The news of the truce comes at a time that in many countries around the dissatisfaction has reached a boiling point. In Germany and Austria-Hungary has been a violent uprising, as previously also held in Russia.

In our country there is much discontent. Food, clothing and other goods were rationed. And despite the end of the war, it is not yet known when it comes to an end.

SDAP leader Jelle Troelstra takes this time to proclaim the revolution. In a hall in Rotterdam he addressed an enthusiastic crowd. "We come here to speak for the moment, dat ook ons, de arbeidersklasse, de macht in handen zal geven!"Tomorrow Troelstra speaks to parliament.

read more: Troelstra calls for revolution in Rotterdam


In some places the discontent came on violently out. In April this year, riots broke out in the Hague. In a rage about the shortages of food, several winkelsbij were looted and the Groenmarkt Prinsestraat.

But the discontent seems highest among the 400.000 military, who are the ready since the beginning of the war. Last month, when all leaves were canceled, because there are rumors that the Germans in Belgium wanted to withdraw from Dutch territory, hit the flash in the pan. Several barracks went up in flames. According to the military, they are the bad food and boredom tired.

Meanwhile, the Dutch Minister of War has shown that soldiers who want to leave, can do as soon as possible. A start is being made with the demobilization.

It causes large cities may have a problem. There will be short term 400.000 people in the labor market. In The Hague and Rotterdam have begun initial discussions between municipalities and unions, to ensure that everyone can go to work as soon as possible.

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Spanish Flu

An additional problem is that also suffers much of the Netherlands under the Spanish Flu. Every week hundreds of people die from the disease, which first appeared in Spain earlier this year.

So this weekend Mayor Van Schouwen Bergschenhoek deceased to the effects of infectious disease.

in Strijen, in Hoekschewaard, are about 2.000 people sick. The whole village has about 4.500 inwoners. Rotterdam get calls from families where one day, sometimes four people deceased from the flu.

In The Hague, some schools are closed, because of the outbreak of the disease. In Rotterdam, many schools closed. Even church services are curtailed or canceled. The memorial service around the Synod of Dordrecht, die 300 years ago took place, did go through the Hovenierstraat in Dordrecht.

The Spanish Flu first looks like an ordinary flu, but after that is rapidly developing into a fierce pneumonia. Within a day a patient may already be deceased.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 10-11-2018

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