THE HAGUE - The Binnenhof in The Hague this morning former Pensionary Johan van Barneveld (71) beheaded. Van Barneveld is considered one of the greatest politicians who knew the country so far. His body is buried in the crypt under the Courtyard.

Just before the death sentence was brought to export there Oldenbarnevelt the (yet many) flocking audience.

"Do not think I'm a traitor. I have acted honestly and piously, as a good patriot, and so will I die "

(Johan van Barneveld, 13 mei 1619)

Then he said 'make the short, Make it short '. Or He was talking to his personal assistant Jan Francken, still farewell had to take him, or against the executioner is not clear.

political fight

The last twenty years of the life of Johan van Barneveld was marked by political strife. In the early years of the reign of Prince Maurits could find the two still outstanding together. Maurice was in charge of the military leadership, while Van Barneveld was involved in the financial and political aspect.

Van Barneveld knew the war of independence against the Spanish was very expensive and that there was money coming into the coffers. When the Dutch merchant ships at Dunkirk were attacked by pirates, Van Barneveld insisted that Maurice would remove this threat out of the way trade.

Maurice himself did not sit, but departed. He was surprised at Newport by a Spanish army. He earned a narrow victory, but realized that the risk had taken Van Barneveld was too big. A defeat would probably have ensured that all the freedom struggle of the Netherlands was lost.

The relationship between the two men is completely ruined as The Twelve Years' Truce signed. Maurits, as army chief, saw his will position the temporary peace in jeopardy. Van Barneveld, as merchant, was just very happy with the trade benefits that the correct file offered.


Also found themselves the men faced each other in battle between the remonstrants and the counter remonstrants. Maurice chose two years ago to counter remonstrants, a very precise interpretation of the Bible compliance. Van Barneveld took the side that remonstrants.

Two years ago, we adopted the "Sharp Resolution", which would further limit the power of Maurits. In that resolution determined that cities were allowed to hire 'private armies', to riots between remonstrants and contraremonstranten the head in pressing. Maurice for this was unacceptable, because this is his position as commander of the army attacked.

In a coup, last year, was Johan Barneveld arrested, as some supporters, like Hugo Grotius. The private armies, the waardgelders, were fired. Because all political supporters Van Barneveld were dismissed or arrested, there was the possibility him to start a lawsuit against him.

Despite frantic efforts his family (his wife and two sons had a legal education) the former pensionary was yesterday sentenced to death for treason.

Hoe ging het verder?

Two sons of Oldenbarnevelt try a few years after the death of their father from committing an attempt on the life of the prince. It is one of them, Reinier, arrested and beheaded.

For Maurice meant life without his political opponent is not really a step forward. He was now politically and militarily to say. Als in 1621 The Twelve Years' Truce expires, the war against the Spaniards resumes.

But as successful as it was for the period of peace, it is no longer. Maurice has suffered several defeats. He gets physical complaints. In 1624 he retires and he is only busy with affairs of state. A year later, he dies.

Later, the body of Van Barneveld would be buried in a different place, but there is no hard evidence.


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published: 13-05-2019

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