News 4 februari

"Gifvondst Gouderak much larger than Lekkerkerk ' (1982), RFM employees stop working down to more sickness (1982) and stranded Chinese freighter attracts a lot of attention at Maasvlakte (2008)

News 5 februari

Bodies found along the A4 at Leiderdorp (2009)

News 6 februari

First match of the Dutch national team ' (1894), failed attempt on the life of Prince Maurits (1623) Gorinchem and under the spell of a true 'kunstrel' (1965)

News 24 januari

Spido opgericht in de Rotterdamse haven (1919), Noor Herlaar Maassluis winner of the television show "Searching for Mary Poppins' (2010)

News 23 januari

Rotterdam water too salty for consumption, long lines of people waiting for fresh water (1963)

News 22 januari

Dutchman leads coup Batavian Republic (1798), Soldiers come after joyvlucht from Valkenburg (1965) Hague and pop band Shocking Blue 1 in United States (1970)

News 21 januari

We looked very hard, but we have no particular, find interesting or remarkable stories on 21 played in January.

News 20 januari

Ravage in Hoogvliet and Pernis after explosion at Shell (1968), Final episode Tom Cat appears (1986) Agents riots and beach Hoek van Holland prosecuted final (2012).

News 19 januari

Bags containing the pesticides along coils on North Sea (1994) and Feyenoord put out by Football UEFA Cup riots in Nancy-Feyenoord (2007)

News 18 januari

Governor flight to England after the French invasion (1795), Large oil leak at Maasvlakte by storm (2007) Fyra and the track removed after complaints rain (2013).