News 28 oktober

Orange in trouble after bomblet Netherlands in Cyprus (1987) and "Friends of Feyenoord 'stabbing 17 million in the club (2010)

News 29 oktober

Largest demonstration in Dutch history (1983)

News 30 oktober

Dr. Ockels first Dutchman in space (1985) and Computerhandel Infotheque from Leiden requests suspension of payments (1991)

News 31 oktober

"The Hef" commissioned in Rotterdam (1927), Spaniards besiege Leiden (1573) and Kidnapping in Scheveningen prison in order (1974)

News 16 oktober

Kunsthal Rotterdam rocked by major art theft (2012), Beehive opens doors in Rotterdam (1930) and Ahmed Aboutaleb will be mayor of Rotterdam (2008)

News 15 oktober

Thousand military police investigations Ambonezenkamp Capelle (1970), Occupy start Rotterdam and The Hague (2011) Riots and post information evening on asylum center Beverwaard (2015)

News 14 oktober

Lecture former minister Luns disrupted by leftist protesters (1974) Rotterdam and takes action on 'Ship Ahoy' (1970) en

News 13 oktober

Actress brings Sparta players head spin (1957), Shooters and riots around sex clubs in Rotterdam Katendrecht (1974) and FIOD does raid at Feyenoord (1998)

News 12 oktober

Hundreds killed in explosion at gunpowder store in Delft (1654), Vlaardingen schools closed because of air pollution (1970) and Turkish ambassador killed in The Hague (1979)