THE HAGUE - Father Koopman afternoon entered still fighting after thirteen years against the abortion law. Regardless of the weather, the priest conducted each month action in the Hague Binnenhof, but now he stops working.

Two hundred followers were this afternoon in the final action of Koopman. There was also put a meter high statue of Mary on the square in front of the parliament building.

The 74-year-old Father Koopman invariably came to the Courtyard every second Tuesday of the month to pray against abortion and euthanasia. "God alone is the master of life and death" stood on the side of a van which he came to the square.

In 13 year, the former bulb grower from Avenhorn (North Holland) fail not again. Even when he was fourteen degrees below zero on the square. But the cold, you can dress yourself.

Rain, however, is a bigger problem. During a downpour Koopman has to hide again under some arches in the Courtyard, but he and his followers then dismissed.


Koopman joined after the war joined the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. He did mission work in Brazil, but returned in 1972 back to the Netherlands. As the debate on abortion was already in full swing.

Koopman classified as one of the first pro-life leaflets at abortion clinics, but always did so peacefully. He first came to national news when he 1978 thirty hours had occupied a construction crane in Amsterdam (see picture).

Then three years after abortion was legalized Koopman knew that the reversal of the measure was to be his life's work. From September 1981 He went every second Tuesday of the month at the Courtyard.

In the first few months there were some followers, but soon there were hundreds.

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No end

Demonstrating now no more, Koopman explains, now condemned the Christian parties in the opposition in the purple cabinet.

Nevertheless, the priest stressed that he will continue to fight against abortion and euthanasia. During the last session, he appealed to all present to establish prayer groups against abortion and "for conversion of the erring '.

"Only prayer and penance can save us", (Father Koopman)

Because at this time there are many people who wander, says Koopman against TVNZ. Almost the entire Cabinet and nearly all MPs, except as CDA members and some MPs from the small Christian parties.

Merchant points out that since the '70s in our country a million abortions (legally or illegally) has been done. "We can still turn the tide", Merchant said the NRC. "But time is short. Nothing happens, we are ripe for a nuclear bomb if we deserve to go four meters below sea level. "

The last meeting was closed with an Ave Maria. Next, the characterizing Maria Image was (that almost always come along to demonstrations) put back on the bus and put an end to an era.

Hoe ging het verder?

During his lifetime, John Koopman founded Stirezo; Foundation Law Without Distinction. That organization still exists and still fights against abortion. In september 2018 it was announced that the foundation will be part of Civitas Christiana.

After his departure from the Parliament Buildings quickly became quiet around Father Koopman. He was ill, was in a wheelchair and lost the ability to talk.

He died in 1997 in a nursing home in Nijmegen, a stone's throw from the spot where he was in the monastery.

Koopman has been one of the bigger fighters against abortion. In addition, he sometimes has lashed special things (as occupying a construction crane), but he formed a sharp contrast with some foreign fanatics.

So were shot regularly abortion doctors in the United States. Koopman would certainly not a "fanatic" mentioned, rather a passionate man '.

Despite the efforts of Koopman reversing the abortion centimeter closed in. Since its actions there are plenty of countries worldwide have been added where abortion is permitted. even Ireland, which was banned until recently, abortion, since a referendum tacked.

According attends the last census 25 percent of the world now in a country where abortion is not permitted yet.

The above article was written for the History Month. This year, the month the theme 'Uprising'. In this case it is a man who single-handedly started the uprising and as long as possible trying to keep.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 228

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