Strijensas - In an accident with a ferry near Strijensas Johan Willem Friso, went missing the Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of Groningen and Friesland. The search for the Prince is still ongoing, but it may be assumed that he is no longer alive. Also one of the Prince clerk is still missing.

The 23-year-old Prince was aboard a ferry that was to take him from Moerdijk to Strijensas. He sat in a carriage, on-board, when turned back on the road. A gust of wind made the boat capsized. The last to have seen the Prince, saw that he kept a bit of the other passengers, Before he disappeared after a high wave.

On the way to The Hague

The Prince was on his way to The Hague to discuss the controversial legacy and the power succession after the death of Prince-King William III, Nine years ago. He left a few days ago from northern France, after he had fought in the Spanish succession wars and arrived this afternoon Moerdijk.

Prince was, as usual, his coach at the ferry to drive. The crossing went well at first. But midway hit it again. Just before the harbor Stijen-Sas hit the ship and hit the Prince to water.

Weapon t drown the Prince of frozen land int year 1711, Atlas Schoemaker: Friesland, 1710-1735

weather Change

According to the ferryman Pieter Cornelisse (21) the Prince not initially intend to take their own place in the coach during the passage. He would make the crossing in a rowboat, but ultimately chose for a larger ship. His company was among other things the Frisian commissioner Onno Boldewijn du Tour, Hilken colonel and chief steward Baron van Verschuur.

But because it started to rain he took shelter during passage, along with several others in the carriage. As the wind shifted to the northwest, the ferryman had reorienting, but the sails did not pass. It meant that ultimately the ship capsized and coach in dropped water.

Portrait of John William Friso (1687-1711) door Lancelot Volders

One of the men's room declared that the Prince shortly before turn himself had tried to get out of carriage to climb.

"Then let the Prince opened the door of Zyne Koetse, gingk 'there uyt the Lord Hilken and Du Tour; but the ferry, with "suddenly there Gansch full of water, wierd when fully pulled over zy: Prince heels for a time fixed Mr. Du Tour, which itself heels on one of the carriages of the janitors, not stont notwithstanding the water bovern the tray; mar a wave broke their hands and threw them to beude to the bases. "

(from Herald of Strijen 2011 –  no.2 - Based on Old Archive Klundert 1)

When the ship turned Du Tour managed to cling to the door of the carriage. The Prince kept himself in turn fixed Du Tour. Which managed until a wave caused both had to let go of each other.

During the search were Du Tour, two servants and driver seriously injured recovered.

"Mr. Du Tour, two voetjongens and the coachman wierden almost halfdoot buried, and most had kept zig 't vaartuyg or a rope drum "

(from Herald of Strijen 2011 – no.2 – Halma p. 240)
Copper engraving depicting the drowning of Johan Willem Friso (1729) – Fries Scheepvaartmuseum


Police Klundert, where both Strijensas and Moerdijk under attack, the case study. According to the official rules, a ferry by two adult men are manned and even in bad weather four. The ship was manned by an adult and two children 11 en 12.

That has to do with the wishes of the Prince himself, say stakeholders. The Prince left shortly before that another ship to make the crossing, with luggage, Rotterdam. The other ferryman went with the ship, at the request of the Prince.

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The 23-year-old Prince of Orange did have the title of Prince, but not the power of his cousin William III. Just before his death, nominee William his nephew as heir, but that was not all accepted provinces. Only Groningen and Friesland decided to continue the stadtholder.

Johan Willem Friso did more families claim the power, For example, in Prussia and France. should the talks in The Hague go about this claim.

As a possible breakdown of Johan Willem Friso is not yet clear consequences. His wife Maria Louise of Hesse-Kassel is pregnant and may provide that a male heir.

Hoe ging het verder?

It eventually took until 22 July before the body the Prins is found. A skipper from Klundert saw floating body, not far from the place where the accident occurred. The skipper took the body from the water and took it to Dordrecht.

Since the body was laid out in the Peacock Inn Wijnstraat. There, the intestines were removed (usual, just before the embalm the body) and buried in Nieuwerkerk.

That Dordrecht, The main city of Holland, nothing had to have the Prince of Orange (After all, they had him turned their backs), proved by the fact that the remains were not buried in the Grote Kerk.

After embalming the body went to Friesland, wherever held a funeral. The funeral is months later, op 25 februari 1712.

Six weeks after the accident Willem Karel Hendrik Friso is born, later governor William IV. He managed to regain control of the provinces, moreover, again, but that lasted until shortly before his death, Before all provinces were back behind the Orange. This put an end to the second Stadholderless period.

In 2000 a monument was placed at Moerdijk Johan Willem Friso. In 2011 the accident was still great commemorated, Strijense especially on the side of the Hollands Diep. When a plaque was also placed at Strijensas.

In the fourth episode of the Dagvantoen podcast, the death of Johan Willem Friso is extensively discussed


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The above is only a brief review of retrospective. The Archaeological Society has Strijen 2011, about an exhibition, done an extensive investigation into the accident that Johan Willem Friso killed. The results are accordingly the Herald of Strijen, 2011-2

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published: 21-09-2019

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