SCHOONHOVEN - Opponents of Governor William V today princess Wilhelmina captured. The governor's wife held a few hours in a farm at Goejanverwellesluis, until she was allowed to leave for Schoonhoven weather. Experts speak of a low point in relations between the Orangeists and patriots.

The buttering years not between supporters of William V and citizens who want a republic French ideal. The conflict is tearing families, urban- and church boards.

Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia wants to end the power struggle. She had this morning gone away from her residence in Nijmegen in The Hague. Her plan was to negotiate there with the States of Holland and prevent a civil war.

The trip is supposedly leaked. Rumors are that brought a maid informed her friend's plans Wilhelmina. Anyway patriots of the Rangers in Gouda were waiting for the princess to Bonrepas on the road between Schoonhoven and Haastrecht.


Interview with hers K. highness, Wilhelmina of Prussia (1751-1820) the Goejanverwellesluis, maker: Reinier Vinkeles (1787)

Princess in a farm

Wilhelmina was taken by members of the Rangers to a farm at Goejanverwellesluis, which was the temporary headquarters. As commander Long waited for an answer from the military leadership, who was stationed in Woerden, ten kilometers away.


One of the guards went, very unusual at that time, the princess at the table. But because the man did not harm, Princess forgave his brutality, sources have let know.

again delay

The military leadership of the Committee of Defense has just arrived. Who refuses the princess to travel through, without the consent of the States of Holland.

Wilhelmina gets two possibilities. Or they go along with the committee to Woerden, to spend the night in the local castle. The other possibility is that they drive back to Schoonhoven there to await the response of the States. Reportedly choose the princess before going to Schoonhoven, under the guidance of two committee members.

Wilhelmina That surely is quite offended by the state of affairs, evident from the words she spoke when leaving the farm. They were directed against the Commissioner Daniel Canter Camer Lingh.

“I will do this dripping in your eyes” (Princess Wilhelmina Goejanverwellesluis)

Camer Lingh replied that "it was not really up to it '.


seen from the affairs of Goejanverwellesluis back to the House of Orange in Holland is not popular. With the arrival of the governor was its hopes on reforms, but which were not. People hoped that William V would do something against the regents, drivers toespeelden each ball.

The appearance of William V further declined after losses in the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, a few years ago.

Cities in Holland, mainly sat William V indecision were, then have taken part of the governor rights. As William V was not to determine who would take the town councils. This paved the way for politicians who did not sit in the House of Orange.

Over the years, regular riots broke out between patriots and Orangists. The Patriots have held in recent years in militia or guerrillas. Meanwhile virtually every city in Holland has its own volunteer corps.

Some clashes between guerrillas and Orange supporters were quite out of hand. After problems in Rotterdam, the well-known mussel judge Kate Mussel was maintained. She became an icon of Orangists.

Recently patriotic regents were the majority in the States-General. They robbed the prince commanded the garrison was stationed in The Hague. William V was there in turn so angry about, he moved to Nijmegen. Gelderland is one of the few areas in Netherlands Orangist.


More and more areas are in the hand of the Patriots. Especially in Holland, Utrecht, Overijssel and Friesland they have a say.

Two months ago a committee of Defense was established, to control the defense of Holland and Utrecht. Troops of the governor had a clear attempt to encircle the city of Utrecht.

The committee is in Woerden. The members have strengthened the first Army, the last decades was quite neglected. The army leadership wants to defend the area, by putting it under water, if opponents could advance.


To avoid outright civil war, Having William V advisors advised him to travel to The Hague to discuss the situation. The governor has refused to. Then offered his wife to make the trip to the States of Holland.

The arrest of Wilhelmina has potentially large implications. Her brother Frederick William II, King of Prussia. It is not inconceivable that the king's decision to intervene militarily.

If the Prussian army pull towards Holland, it is hoped that the defense of Holland is ready. That now seems not the case. have announced that there possibly could be support for the patriots of France, a spokesman for the States of Holland.

Hoe ging het verder?

The Prussians were indeed. French aid? That did not. And the defense was not ready, when the Prussian army 13 come September march in the Republic.

Utrecht was indefensible and so the people went a few days later in the city. Op 18 September States of Holland decided to reinstate the governor again. The Committee of Defense was disbanded and everyone involved put their function.

returned again two days later William V returned in The Hague.

That seemed the calm weather just restored in the Netherlands, but that was short-lived. In 1795 the French army invaded our country. All patriots who fired or fled, returned in key positions.

The story goes that the whole performance of Wilhelmina was a preconceived plan. Commander Long had two Orangists been told that there are significant visit came. After her arrest, she returned the next day to Nijmegen. She had reached her goal, for her brother, King of Prussia, This arrest could not naturally let go of his hand.