ROTTERDAM - Angry residents of the district Feyenoord Rotterdam and the North Island this morning the Labor office occupied. It is a protest against the plans for a mega brothel, Eros Center, at the Gatehouse at Stieltjesstraat.

The party building on the Goudse Rijweg is locked. The windows hang posters with the requirements of the temporary residents. "Eroscentrum NO ', it reads.

A visitor reads pamphlets on the occupation. Foto: Koen Suyk, National Archives / Anefo

The occupiers want to enforce that before the council of 22 March we reach an additional meeting of the Departmental of Labor Party about the arrival of the Eroscentrum.

The Labor Party has a lot of power in the city. The party has an absolute majority in the Rotterdam city council. All eight aldermen are also provided by that party. The regional branch of the Labor Party has already agreed with the arrival of the Eroscentrum.

According to the campaigners are up to the council two regional meetings of the Labor Party. Department Secretary Pettinga says it is still questionable whether there is in that place for meetings "Eroscentrum '.

The Gatehouse in Rotterdam where an eros center is established. Foto: Koen Suyk, National Archives / Anefo


The occupation went fairly jovial. The twenty residents came around 10 hours the premises, leaving the existing Labor employees leave. Thereafter, the doors were locked.

During the day the activists were, all members of the residents association Feyenoord North Island (BOF) support of other residents in the neighborhood.

"There is careless with our arguments handled by an eros center", Pim says Janse of the BOF at Het Vrije Volk. "Due to the Labor. Responsible for demo equal branch of Eros Center in the Gatehouse. That's why we're here. "

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The plan for the prostitution center at the Gatehouse was launched eighteen months ago by Mayor Van der Louw (fallen locations were the HAL office and a location on the Weena).

Plans are required to relieve Katendrecht, which has been living for years under nuisance, caused by the sex industry. Katendrecht decades inextricably linked to prostitution, but since the early 70s nuisance grows to such an extent that the people taking the law into their own hands.

Bewonersorganisatie Areka of Katendrecht is pleased with the plans for a Eroscentrum. That unlike the inhabitants of Feijenoord and North Island.

The Gatehouse is currently still owned by the municipality of Rotterdam. It is sold to an operator. Between two ports must be a floating hotel with hundreds of beds.

Despite the promise of Van der Louw that "the contested sexoverlast would be in the rest of the city ', there is immediately the fear that prostitution still is going to spread throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

Hoe ging het verder?

Despite all efforts fought the inhabitants of Feyenoord and the North Island has long been a losing battle. The additional meeting did not happen. After eight days, the protesters held their occupation before seen.

Also on the council there was no further change: met 24 votes to 19 went against the establishment of Eros Center in the Gatehouse by.

maybe it was one of the most secure councils in Rotterdam history. Everyone in the public gallery (and they were quite a lot of people) was searched. "The town hall has been turned into a fortress", wrote Het Vrije Volk.

The debate lasted seven hours and there were several options on the table, all of which were voted down.

After the final vote, the insults and chants came. At the town hall on the Coolsingel were chipped smoke bombs. In Feyenoord was a doll responsible alderman Van der Have (PvdA) was supposed fired.

A few days later there was another upheaval, when some people try to stabbing the Gatehouse on fire, but the damage was limited.

Finally, help came from an unexpected source. Officials have calculated what would be the consequences of the Eros Center for the housing plan of the municipality.

Construction of the prostitution center made it impossible to set a good residential area, was the conclusion of the study. This conclusion hit like a bomb on the Hall.

One of the conditions of the appointment of the Gatehouse was the construction of the planned number of homes can go. But that would "go very hard to be 'the Eroscentrum, wrote officials. There was already taken into account 250 fewer new homes, but that number would probably be a lot higher.

The report was the death blow to the plans for the Eros Center at the Gatehouse. It was the trash in.

The city of Rotterdam had to again start searching. The community came out in floating hotels at the Euromast. About a year after this story followed another occupation, this time from the Euromast, by people from Delfshaven, Middelland and the New West.

Ultimately, the State Council put a stop to the plans of the municipality. The Council considered that were the plans of the municipality in contravention of the ban on brothels.

The above story is written for the Month History 2018. The theme of this year's 'Uprising'.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 212

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