ROTTERDAM - There is an end to the large amounts of garbage in Rotterdam are street heaped. The judge further action against wage cuts in the sanitation (ROTEB) forbidden, as the strike by public transport (RIGHT) and energy (GEB).

In Rotterdam the waste has been almost a month not retrieved. The garbage is in many places in huge heaps along the road. Rats have free reign in the streets.

“Passersby walking with a big bow at fire station Zaagmolenkade the garbage piled around. Part of the debris has slid into the roadway. Motorists drive there walking pace past”

(Het Vrije Volk, 26-11-1983)

Some are Rotterdam was the smell and the streetscape. “There have been a few fights parties”, say a couple of strikers ROTEB the incinerator to Brielselaan to the reporter of the Vrije Volk. “And there are some people who have tried to stabbing the place on fire. But otherwise it's pretty bad.”

Some streets in the Old North are almost impassable by the temporary landfill arising there. On the other hand you see in Hillegersberg, the wealthier part of the city, no bag lying by the side of the road. Where the bags remain a mystery.

“In most other districts, they can not escape, but if at all possible, however, the bags are stacked orderly, the front doors as far as possible. In the joint placed filth: not even "a kind expression’ unless it was an expression of civic hygiene.”

(Het Vrije Volk, 26-11-1983)

The lawsuit against the strikers of ROTEB brought by Rotterdam tradespeople. Who say they cause great damage by the action of particular sanitation. Due to the large heaps of garbage along the way, customers avoid their stores, zeggen ze. The damage would be between 50 en 150 are million guilders.


The Rotterdam court ruled today that the garbage has not led to demonstrable harm to public health. Maar “it is irresponsible to continue to monitor until the dangers manifest”.

In addition, not all the garbage out invites to just go do the Sinterklaas Procurement, also admits the court, a period which is very important for retailers.

The strike by RET staff was prohibited "because it almost coincides with the extra shopping evenings for Sinterklaas". Staff RET imposed eight days ago stopped work.

The court ensure all actions together (including the threat of the GEB to turn off the street lights on late night shopping) Some businesses are threatened in their existence by the actions.

The court ruling was a blow to opponents of the controversial Kortingswet. Many striking workers RET came together in zalencentrum Palace.

After the news of the court ruling was announced battled anger and grief prevail.

"It looks like we're in Russia. We fight for our income. I earn 1773 guilders net per month, of which I have now 60 to hand in. Thanks Cutlery '81 I was 200 guilder declined. And now we can not even perform more action. "

(technician in Het Vrije Volk, 29-11-1983)

The strike leaders could expect a standing ovation from colleagues present.

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That much of the country is now flat because of the protest against the kortingswet. Officials go three percent wage deteriorated.

The Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Lubbers CDA has been trying for several years to reduce government spending. Which had increased since the early 70s 45% tot 62% of Gross Domestic Product (BNP).

Across the reduction of wages was a reduction of working hours, but that did not take away the anger among officials. Despite the agreement to wage moderation in the Wassenaar Agreement leads to the first actions.

That went on strike officials was quite exceptional. Tot 1980 it was forbidden for officials to stop work.


The strikes are not limited to Rotterdam. Also been in other cities talk of chaotic situations.

the street in Schiedam and Vlaardingen last night went out on late night shopping. Almost all shops remained closed therefore. Only V&D remained open.

In Dordrecht the municipal energy, the television networks Netherlands 1 and Netherlands 2 put on black. Also there was the plan to turn off street lights, but that plan was not put, after the city government had threatened with a lawsuit.

In Delft took the action to another reason for chaos. The power went out. The police were so many bells of people who complained about this new action from officials that the phone lines were overloaded. But in practice it turned out to be a failure. Yet sixty angry people went to the Delfland energy and threw boxes through the windows of the municipal energy company.

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The unions announced that they will appeal the judge's ruling, but such a process can take months. Thus, the actions in Rotterdam Job.

Not the actions stop put anywhere. In Amsterdam gave the right or permission from the sanitation department to continue with their actions. There is less need high, because agreements have been made between sanitation and the GG and GD about intervening when public health is endangered. There was no in Rotterdam.

Also, in the NS is further stopped. no trains in parts of Limburg ride tomorrow more.

In our region, the actions are not out of the job. they need- and connect guards strike continues. And the regional Voorne-Putten and Rozenburg is still flat.

Hoe ging het verder?

Despite all actions, the kortingswet nevertheless came. Just before Christmas, the Senate agreed to a discount 3 percent of the civil work. The benefits went down. The House passed a week before that agreement.

The above story is written in the series for the History Month 2018. The theme this year Uprising. In this' stinking’ story are the consequences if central rebels one particular party.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 209

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