Tens of thousands of Dutch people have gathered in numerous places in the Netherlands to protest against Russian interference in the Hungarian capital Budapest, from last weekend. Communist targets in particular suffered.

The Mobile Unit had to carry out several charges to the Heemraadsingel in Rotterdam, where the editorial office of the communist newspaper De Waarheid. The staff got through that at around six o'clock escorted the police outside.

In the evenings it was getting busier at the Heemraadsingel.

“Already at eight o'clock thousands of young people pushed for the gates, which the police had placed a good distance from the Truth office. Firecrackers exploded and stones flew through the air. So great was the noise and so great was the crowd, that the police had to intervene in the end ”

(Het Vrije Volk, 06-11-1956)

Angry young people had also struck at the earlier Communist bookshop Pegasus on Hoogstraat. The windows were already shielded with wooden plates. Still, the young people managed to get the breaking windows.

After the intervention of the police at the Heemraadsingel a game of cat and mouse ensued between demonstrators and the police.

“The bikes with sidecars rushed up the sidewalks, punches were handed out. Stones were thrown back and a small battle started on the corner of Heemraadsingel-Graaf Florisstraat. This was the climax; gradually it became a bit quieter ”

(Het Vrije Volk, 06-11-1956)

As far as is known, one campaigner has been injured.


It was restless in many cities. In Dordrecht, one Angry mob stormed the house of the only communist councilor in the city.

Several people entered the house and took aim destruction, while the councilman's family was at home. Communist propaganda was set on fire in the street. The police cleared the crowd in Dordrecht eventually spread.

The Netherlands reacts to the events in Hungary . open Images – Polygoonjournaal 56-46

In The Hague, at least five police officers were injured in riots. The police intervened with batons and sabers, after they were pelted with stones and garbage.

In The Hague, too, the anger seemed to focus mainly on the local editorial staff of De Waarheid.

Also in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Bussum, Hilversum and Haarlem it was restless. In Hilversum, two youngsters were hit by a police bullet.


The turmoil from outside was in stark contrast to the meeting in Ahoy "from a few hours earlier. The hall was packed with people who came to listen to prominent politicians.

Former Mayor Oud van Rotterdam drew in a speech the link with the Second World War and the suffering this has caused to Rotterdammers Worried. “In the burning Budapest of today we remember burning Rotterdam in May 1940 ”, said the current VVD chairman.

“We know what is happening in Budapest, for in this respect communism differs nothing from that of Nazism ”

(Former mayor Oud, De Volkskrant, 06-11-1956)

Old seemed quite pugnacious, probably because he made his speech from a boxing ring. Later in the evening there were boxing matches scheduled in the hall.

The Netherlands reacts to the events in Hungary . open Images – Polygoonjournaal 56-46

One of the other speakers was former Prime Minister Gerbrandy. He was particularly concerned about the way left-leaning media move to watching the conflict. He called for resistance, of which the communist newspaper De Truth serves itself, the former head of government said.

“We have to pray, but also consider whether economic measures will not allow protests to be expressed and whether diplomatic ties with Russia may not have to be severed ”

(Former Prime Minister Gebrandy, Volkskrant, 06-11-1956)

"Their fight is our fight", Gerbrandy continued.

Mayor Van Walsum added another in his closing speech call not to "violate communist buildings and property". But some of the young people who had heard those words in Ahoy ", used to go almost directly to the Hoogstraat, where hundreds of young people were already there had collected.

The demonstration against the Russian invasion of Hungary. Ahoy’, Rotterdam. Foto: Joop van Bilsen, National Archives / Anefo


At least dozens of people were killed in Hungary yesterday, in the intervention of Warsaw Pact troops in the capital Budapest.

The protest started a few months ago with a strike action in Poland against the communist regime there. Students of the Budapest University openly supported the Polish factory workers. Unexpectedly, this was the reason for protests in Hungary.

Op 23 October it came to a real uprising. A statue of Stalin was overthrown. Demonstrators entered parliament and forced the government to resign.

Last weekend, a negotiating delegation from the Hungarians, who wanted to discuss a withdrawal of the Russian troops, arrested. Military intervention followed yesterday. Budapest is at the moment surrounded and tanks drive through the city. The fighting between the Russians soldiers and insurgents are still going on.

Prime Minister Drees has meanwhile announced that our country is ready to 1000 Hungarian to include refugees.

Hoe ging het verder?

The revolt of the Hungarian people would last for another thirteen days persist. On the Hungarian side 2500 people died, to Russian silk 800.

The protests continued in the Netherlands, but made it all nothing out.

After the crackdown, the protest became certain 13.000 people arrested. Hundreds of people are being executed. In the following months flee there 200.000 Hungarians to the west. Many people in the Netherlands also come there justly.


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history – The Hungarian uprising

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published: 17 oktober 2019

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