ROTTERDAM – The Kop van Zuid will be overhauled in the coming years. Skyscrapers of over 100 meter high and there will be a direct connection between the Wilhelminapier and Willemsplein. This can be seen in the plans presented this morning by the Municipality of Rotterdam.

The plans for the Kop van Zuid were designed by urban planner Teun Koolhaas. There will be several buildings that will fill the sky, with a height of more than a hundred meters. This includes offices, on the river side, and residential towers on the Rijnhaven.

“A bridge connects Willemsplein (where now is the Spido) with Wilhelminapier. … There are several pluses 100 meter high buildings where people live and work will, while a boulevard in line with the bridge connects the rest of Rotterdam South directly with Coolsingel. ”

(Het Vrije Volk, 03-06-1987)

 There will also be three parks between the new area and the Peperklip, so that there is also enough green "South".

With the new bridge, called the Coolsingelbrug on paper, there will be a direct connection from the Kop van Zuid to the Coolsingel. It must literally and figuratively bring Rotterdam South closer to the center.

Promotional film Masterplan Kop van Zuid. Municipality of Rotterdam / City Archive of Rotterdam

South of the new bridge connection there should also be room for a wide boulevard, the Coolsingel of Rotterdam South, as a central link through the new area. Medium and low-rise residential complexes are to be built along this boulevard.

The plan comprises a total of five thousand homes. In addition, there is also room for cultural and recreational functions.

Master Southbank, Teun Koolhaas (1987)


For the time being it is still a plan. Nevertheless, the National Investment Bank, commissioned by the Rotterdam Land Company, already conducted a "feasibility study". It shows that the plan certainly 1,2 billion guilders will cost.

This makes the plan feasible, say the researchers, but there are still plenty of hooks and eyes. An absolute condition for the plan to succeed is the continuation of the Coolsingel bridge. Those costs are now estimated at 175 miljoen gulden.

According to Riek Bakker, Director of Urban Development Rotterdam, The plans are ambitious, but badly needed.

“If we don't get things right now, never get him more on order. … Feijenoord has been largely renovated. Work on the railway tunnel is now starting. Don't want to mess it up again there, you do not want to continue with the third generation unemployed in a stadsverniewingsgebied round tubs, then you have to take the area out of the doldrums "

(Riek Bakker, Het Vrije Volk 03-06-1987)

Hoe ging het verder?

The plan for the Kop van Zuid was implemented 1987 presented for the first time, but actually it is only a few years away. With the construction of De Rotterdam (2013), the largest office building in the Netherlands, the major parts of the plan appear to be completed.

Has the plan become as Koolhaas envisioned? Largely: and. There has been a mix of residential and office buildings (especially around the Wilhelminaplein). The Erasmus Bridge, so not the Coolsingelbrug, has become an important link between the Coolsingel and Rotterdam-Zuid.

The plan has remained within costs? That is difficult to estimate. In any case, the Erasmus Bridge almost fell 200 million guilders more expensive than expected. Ben van Berkel's design cost 365 miljoen gulden (165 million euros). It is not known what the costs are for other parts of the project.


Het Vrije Volk – 03-06-1987 – Little Manhattan on South

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Author: Dave Datema

published: 03-06-2020

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