ROTTERDAM - is a cargo ship of the Holland America Line sunk for the coast of Canada. The crew of forty Schiedyk could leave the ship on time.

The ship had recently left the port of Gold River. Zo’n 250 kilometers northwest of Vancouver harbor ran the ship aground. Shortly after it sank. To our knowledge, no one injured.

The cargo ship was en route to Portland in the United States. It had 1689 in your houtpulp 1000 tonnes of grain on board.

Bad weather

According to initial reports, there was fog and storm at the time of the accident. Therefore ran the ship on the cliff. Three clean water then ran inside.

Captain Van Dijk decided to send some of the 40-strong crew aboard. He and five volunteers stayed behind. De 34 passengers which were certainly were aboard six hours in a lifeboat, floating in the bay near Gold River.

looking on

"It was a strange experience", Seaman says Gerrit Job (23) by the time. "The Schiedyk always disappeared further below the water level. But it continued to help us, because the lighting was. Until the carbide lighting has burned on the pipe at the last moment "

According to the sailor men in the lifeboat have slain the time by singing songs like "hand in hand comrades'. In full breast welt understood. The men six hours later were picked up by a Canadian icebreaker.

The six remaining crew, including captain Van Dijk, continued until the end aboard the ship, probably in the hope of saving the. Just before the ship sank final, Van Dijk went ashore.

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19 jaar oud

The MS Schiedyk is originally a steamer. It was in 1949 Built as a steamship, but it was rebuilt in the early 60s to the present form. The ship has always sailed on the east coast of North America, until it was used on the West Coast.

It is not the first setback for the Holland America Line. In recent years, New Amsterdam and Rijndam had a longer time to be phased out.

Or Schiedyk can be salvaged is not yet clear.

Hoe ging het verder?

It seems fairly clear story, but the truth was quite different. That when it appeared a few days later came the second mate of the ship at Schiphol. Van der Put there was absolutely no question of bad weather and heavy fog, as previously stated.

Not only mate, Also interviewed sailor Baan stressed that there was no question of self-defense, as before it was put out by the Holland America Line.

According to the pilot was calm and visibility was fine. The mate compared it with a water fjord. The channel was a mile wide and on both sides rose the rocks up.

Mate Van der Put was at the time the rock was hit in his cabin. From a technical fault was no, according to the second mate. However, the water was quite unknown and was the port of Gold River until two years open. It was the first time that there Schiedyk docked.

The captain has remained in Canada at that time, to help with the investigation. Divers have already found that the side of the ship on more than one hundred meters is torn.

Quite soon the research focuses on the role of captain Van Dijk. He was initially disembarked, but later went back with the volunteers on board, salvors when arrived at the ship. An attempt to save the ship failed.

As captain Van Dijk waited until the last minute deal with disembarkation, threatened the lifeboat with six people in it almost sucked to the sinking ship.

A few days later, Van Dijk is also reflected in Netherlands. He states that he has not deviated from the advice he received from the Canadian pilot, who stood by him on the bridge, when the accident occurred.

for Shipping suspended for two months later the captain six years by the Council. According to the inspector, the captain intervened too late when the pilot made an error when deploying a curve. The speed of the vessel was too high and the pilot was inexperienced. After the accident the captain acted properly, judges Board.

The ship will not be salvaged. The repair costs are too high. The ship finally comes to rest upside down. At low tide, the bottom of the ship above the water. The Holland America Line takes on Cheshire replace the Schiedyk.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 03-01-2017

story number: 55