ROTTERDAM – The Rotterdam Superintendent Bouwe Kalma has forever odious to many of his own corps. The outspoken left Kalma ventured yesterday to join in a demonstration of supporters of the terrorist group Red Army Faction (RAF) which will include from police custody. His performance has so much bad blood put, found that many colleagues: "He looks whether we like."

It went strong stand during the demonstration at the German consulate to the Parklaan in Rotterdam. The protesters expressed their solidarity with the RAF and cried: “Hun strijd, onze strijd, internationale solidariteit!"She also scolded agents from fascists and black shirts. Kalma stood by and watched.

Rotterdam agents react bewildered. It seemed Kalma agreed with the insults. They still refuse to stop cooperating with Kalma. "What we have to man?”, they wonder, so say sources.

Kalma's position has long been under pressure. the Fries, which since 1946 when does the Rotterdam police, had already taken part of the police made it impossible to walk in the 60s in demonstrations against apartheid in South Africa, the Franco regime in Spain and the Vietnam War. That is not possible, find a growing number of agents.

Negro one homofiel

Last spring the criticism Kalma reached even high altitude. He had pulled hard at an election meeting of the Pacifist Socialist Party to the top of his corps. He expressed fierce criticism of a new notification to the Rotterdam police experimenting. The form contains words like "jew", 'Negro', 'Gypsy', 'Homofiel', 'Lesbian' and 'spy'. Such discriminatory prejudices words work in hand, find Kalma.

Colleagues Kalma then sent a telegram to the mayor. She wrote in that they found disgusting action Kalma and they insisted on the departure of the Superintendent. But that Van der Louw did not go.

He allowed only that he regretted the occurrence of Kalma. "You do not go with each other. Kalma was just his objections can come to me. I think this case could be an example of a problem that in a normal conversation quickly a solution ", Van der Louw told the Telegraph.

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difficult position

Since when was. Van der Louw is also in an awkward position. As a prominent member of the New Left movement within his own party, PvdA, He is in a lot of things even with Bouwe Kalma. If there is interference in the affair, then it will have to come from higher, Hall watchers expect.

Rumors are that the matter will be submitted to the Attorney General. Which should see if Kalman can still function within the corps. During the investigation will include Mayor Van der Louw, the police top and close colleagues of Kalma hearing. End of this year must be a knot be cut over the future of Bouwe Kalma.

Hoe ging het verder?

Mr. W.A. Baron van der Feltz insisted a month later to transfer Kalma for a police job outside the criminal investigation and immigration. Then there is within the police created a job for him, nl. Writing disaster planen. Kalma saw nothing in there. He considered as transfer ban appeal, “bedoeld om de politie te ontdoen van linkse ideeën.”

Shortly after, several dozen people demonstrated against forthcoming dismissal of Kalma. They stood with signs at the Town Hall in Rotterdam (picture below).

Van der Louw gave Kalma ultimately no more than a written reprimand. That brought little change in the case. The atmosphere in the office was so messed it Kalma could no longer work.

Op 7 januari 1978 Bouwe Kalma chose eggs for money and served himself his resignation. Later he would say that he had received the birth announcement in the bus of the child of a police officer who was slain in Utrecht in the arrest of an RAF member in September 1977. That clinched.

Kalma was pending settlement of his resignation special leave. Comments from colleagues came not, as he told the Free People (11 januari 1978). That same month he walked along again in a demonstration of the PSP in Amsterdam. Spicy was that there was demonstrated against occupation prohibited for people with subversive ideas. Kalma performed there the word, like a woman who was fired from the Amsterdam detective because she was friends with an RAF sympathizer.

The Left Opposition in the Lower House in April 1978 Still to Kalma and filed five motions in which the dismissal of Kalma and the actions of the Attorney General were mourned. The motions were all rejected.

The resignation of Kalma was a 1 juni 1978 officially. A previously registered protest against the reprimand and a requirement 60 guilders was vindictive in July 1978 swept through the court table.

Kalma was 1979 lijsttrekker voor de PSP bij de verkiezingen voor het Europees Parlement. But the party, which later merged into GroenLinks got no seats. Kalma overleed op 25 juni 2011.

The above story is part of the series about the History Month 2018. The theme this year is 'Uprising'. About how a police chief part in the uprising and that the one other causes the uprising.


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Author: Drs. A.P.B. van Meeteren

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 216

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