ROTTERDAM - The Rotterdam municipal elections ended in a climax. Not only at the end of election night is still not clear who can call the largest party in Rotterdam; Livable or the Labor Party. There are numerous irregularities in polling stations.

IN BRIEF: preliminary results: Labour Party, 28,8 % of votes (fourteen seats, -4), liveable Rotterdam, 28,6 % of votes (fourteen seats, +0). Attendance: 47,9%

It made for a rather unreal situation in the Reception Room of the Rotterdam city hall. Neither side dared to label himself as a winner. Het was ‘too close to call’, one of those present described with a comparison to the US presidential election.

The difference between both parties is according to the preliminary result 651 to vote.

And so many politicians stared at the big screen in the Burgerzaal, where both parties stood at fourteen seats in the interim. A situation that offered very little clarity.

What else

Especially with Liveable there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the conduct of the elections today. According candidate Councilor Ronald Buijtenland several people went to some places in the same voting booth and vote would be recruited.

During the afternoon also noted the Rotterdam municipality that the electoral law was violated in some places. So it went wrong in Delfshaven and Feijenoord, where several people were standing in a voting booth.

At some polling stations were replaced with complete teams. Replacing members of the electoral committee did not give explanation. In some polling stations show wardens now ensure that people only vote.

But according Buijtenland there was much more going on. There would be recruited vote, with authorization forms.

“People enter the voting office with an authorization, where only one signature is on. Then the people of the polling station will fill the rest of the mandate. "

(Ronald Buijtenland, Radio Rijnmond 03-03-2010)

The city of Rotterdam announced that they have received the signals of Livable, but officials have seen no shoddy permissions.

In other polling stations would have hung posters of the Labor Party. That's not allowed. The poster has been removed. The municipality could not confirm that hung posters, but if it be true then that 'absolutely forbidden'.

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Irregularities - the word "vote fraud" was just not put in the mouth - hung after or as dark clouds over the present. Liveable party leader Marco Pastors Calls for a recount of votes.

"The difference is so small, and today we have seen the unrest in the polling stations. I assume that the mayor makes for a recount of the votes. "

(Marco Pastors, Radio Rijnmond, 03-03-2010)

The party can call itself the biggest, the formation talks can begin. The other party is likely over the next four years to sit in the opposition.

A look back at the election by Jacco van Giessen Radio Rijnmond (2010).

Hoe ging het verder?

Mayor Aboutaleb saw at first no reason for a complete recount. It happens in Charlois and Hilligersberg-Schiebroek, but in the turn but Hillegersberg 3 of the 21 ballot boxes to be counted correctly.

The press Aboutaleb to leave again count all votes is increasing. Even former mayors Opstelten and Pepper say in the AD that a recount is important "for trust in politics'.

A few days later Aboutaleb tacks. In a large hall of the Erasmus University are recounted all the votes. That happens eight days after the election.

The next day the final results. The difference 651 voices in the Labor Party has become even greater advantage, is apparent from the recount. The difference is 754 vote in favor of the Labor Party.

According to the investigation committee, the recount also says something about the other abuses that have been identified. Even with all the abuses that Leefbaar had noticed, the limit of 5.500 to vote, a seat, never be reached. The investigation was then halted.

However, that did not end the whole story. A secret e-mail from Ronald Buijt appears (Livable), calling to approach as many people, which possibly would not go to the polls. Then dives also stories that the Labor Party four years ago about doing the same. A month later, let justice know that there is no criminal investigation.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 03-03-2018

story number: 111

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