VLAARDINGEN - boy last Friday without any reason was assaulted on the Vlaardingen Oost train station is now deceased from his injuries. He had suffered internal head injury. The operation in the Dijkzigt Hospital could make a difference. That the father of victim Daniel Cotthem (17) said in a statement.

"Friday Daniel told me that his girlfriend like as usual would bring to Gorinchem train ", declared the father. "He did so after each visit of Loes in Vlaardingen. Because he her wanted to protect against the increasing violence on the railways. That he himself victim would be we could never have imagined. "

On the Vlaardingen-Oost station was on the platform included by several drunken youths. It has been a hard blow against head got one of them. Daniel was at home at night and still going to sleep. But the next morning he never woke up.

"To your son so cramped and unconscious in his bed to find horrible"

Father Daniel of Cotthem, Radio Rijnmond, 10-01-2000

Four suspects were arrested during the night, Rotterdam, Maassluis and Rozenburg. Or there is also one in which has dealt the blow is not known.

Archival material from the Rijnmond killed Daniel Cotthem

'Models Erling’

Daniel Cotthem followed a study journalism in Utrecht. he was the last five years at the secondary school in the Green Prinstererschool in Vlaardingen. Many teachers know the victim. "The news comes therefore flat out ", says sector director Kwakkelstein at Radio Rijnmond. "Daniel was a model student. A pleasant and balanced guy. "

"Everyone is shocked", announces a student. "Everybody talks about it too. It's just very bad. "

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It is not the first violent incident on the Line Hoekse, the track between Rotterdam and Hook of Holland. A year ago NS staff have conducted increased action against violence at stations.

After Daniel's death is the discussion about safety track again flared. "This discussion is rightly", was Fred van Beek, division head Railway Police know at Radio Rijnmond. "But you can safety around stations, the train happen and society not a single party deposit. I think there should also be given to the parents. They have to are more concerned with the fate of their children and not let to step, middle of the night coming home and walking around in expensive clothes without they've got the money. With them is actually the main task. "

Again senseless violence

It is the second case of senseless violence in England in about a year's time. Tomorrow is exactly a year ago in Gorinchem two young girls were shot dead by a man, a plurality of balls which veered to the input of discotheque Bacchus.

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The silent march in Gorinchem, where about 25.000 people marching, had to give the statement 'never again'. Less than a year later the next victim known.

In Vlaardingen are plans again to keep silent, possible tomorrow already.

Hoe ging het verder?

There were two silent marches. On Monday, a day after death of Daniel, walked fifteen hundred people participated. Later that week followed by a silent march with twenty participants.

In April, four suspects were arrested for judge. Main suspect Mike (24) stated that they had drunk quite and the reason for the blow was an argument over a bottle of vodka-cola, on the stood stairs to the platform.

The three other suspects, there was also the girlfriend of Mike Bee, received sentences to 3,5 years in prison.

Mike was known as someone who had more problems caused, and "abusive" was. He gets five years in prison and TBS. in higher Appeal penalty is reduced to four years and TBS. He still under treatment is, is niet bekend.


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published: 08-01-2020

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