THE HAGUE - The largest soccer riot has ever Eredivisie, Dozens of people have been injured today in The Hague Zuiderpark. Most victims were crushed when the riot police would clear a box Hague supporters.

crying children, people with broken bones and fire it off cards- and were brought to take away wounded. More than once the situation was this afternoon compared to South Park with the Heysel disaster, two years ago. Then fell at the final between Liverpool and Juventus 39 doden. Now it was limited to broken bones and head injuries.

Most injuries occurred when police decided to evacuate the notorious Hague box Central North. With bats audience was swept away.

But while the riot police on one side of the box went off the people themselves, supporters fled to the other side, where people were in tribulation, went back and were trampled.

“Lyenburg hospital in The Hague, the nearest, was vol. Many people had to be taken to other hospitals.”, The Hague club doctor Beeftink said in the Telegraph.

I have five people in an ambulance going to see a time. Three and two standing lying down. Most people, I had dealt more with no shoes. Many had stomach- and head injuries "

(Hague club doctor Beeftink, Telegraph, 02-03-1987)

The match was halted in the rest, due to the problems in the stands. The score was then 2-0 in favor of Ajax.


The game had started later by the tense atmosphere in the stadium. The police was also prepared. Three police stations were closed today, so that 250 police officers were available to control the match in the right direction. This annoys many people Hague.

But had begun before the game went all wrong. A few Hague hooligans ran onto the pitch and pulled a few Ajax banners from fences.

The Amsterdam fans got it as the cooking which they forced fence. They arrived at a drink stall. That was completely looted and bottles of liquor and sausages flew onto the pitch and headed towards the riot police.

The Hague goalkeeper Rene Stam, which was to take place in the fray in the target, sat in a barrage of stones, bottles of Coke and hot sausages.

Referee Ettekhoven sent Ajax coach Johan Cruyff for his supporters to address them admonishing. Apparently that was enough, because a little later the game could still begin.


Partly because Ajax after 25 minutes already on 2-0 was ahead, it was then agitated at Central North. Stones were thrown at police. Also, the Hague supporters tried to force a gate, so they could get to the Ajax supporters. It did not work, by intervention of the Mobile Unit.

A cat came- and mouse game between the rioters and the police in the stands. Much of the public had long been blind to the game on the field, but looking more at what happened in the stands.

Shortly before the break signal, the police decided to evacuate Central North. The result was a battle in which hefty blows were distributed and also innocent were not spared.

The rest went to police Van der Zalm referee Van Ettekhoven, asking if he could continue the game.

"We could no longer guarantee the safety of the people in the South Park. Therefore, our advice to the referee extremely urgent: to strike"

(Superintendent Van der Salmon, Telegraph, 02-03-1987)

Players and coaches from both teams urged the referee to play the game in a stadium evacuated, but that is not allowed, says Van Ettekhoven. A match may be stopped because no more than half an hour. Then the referee sent the players toward the showers.

Only after three quarters calmed a bit back in the stadium.

President Dé Stoop Hague was told on the stand that the match was abandoned. He almost broke into tears, reporter saw the Free People

"This is terrible. Everything we have tried to avoid this. Yet it happens again. I think we should consider this week but agreed on the future. If government still rest us almost nothing "

(Dé Stoop, Chairman FC Den Haag, Vrije Volk 02-03-1987)

A bit later, Stoop when his emotions had little control, asked the president wondering why there has not occurred at the Amsterdam supporters.

Eighteen people were arrested.

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The unrest in the South Park make the call to act faster swells against hooligans. The KNVB this weekend just started a campaign against riots ("Trap rather than a ball at your club").

"We can not passively monitor. It is time for tough measures. Apparently the ringleaders have not been satisfied, then there are worse things happen as occurred during the European Cup final Liverpool-Juventus in Brussels "

(Jo van Marle, KNVB chairman, Telegraph, 02-03-1987)

Also Ajax coach Johan Cruyff takes time for 'drastic measures'. He has previously personally attached to the KNVB action against hooliganism. According Cruyff has tried so far to resolve the problems in a fun way and failed. Therefore, it is time for a change.

Chances are that the game should be played out soon, but Cruyff does not sit. "It seems sensible that Ajax does not come back here. If that cost us two points profit, that's too bad ", said the Ajax coach against Telegraph.

CDA MP Van Weesel wants the rioters to be punished severely. He himself was in the stadium and find it irresponsible that 250 police officers should be deployed to lead a football match in the right direction.

MP Dijkstal (VVD) Points out that the problems are caused by a small group. "However, we must not capitulate to this small group. But we have to see whether it is possible to play games with only the home crowd. "

Hoe ging het verder?

De 0-2 Halftime score at FC Den Haag - Ajax was ultimately the final. PSV, main title rival Ajax, was not happy with the decision.

Earlier it was decided that the match between Excelsior and FC Den Haag would be played possible, as it could affect the rankings. That match was on 9 november 1986 ceased during the second half, Hague because supporters had pelted the caretaker of Excelsior.

The events in the South Park provided an acceleration in the process relating to the "football pass'. five clubs (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Utrecht and The Hague) could then, experimentally, only a football pass to away games of their club. The pass -with photo- was not received with open arms by the fans.

The trial started in August 1989 and was an instant fiasco. Den Haag played against Ajax and Ajax hundreds of fans arrived without football pass the stadium. A few days later the only abolished.

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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 41