SLIEDRECHT – Who thinks witch faith especially something from the Middle Ages, is wrong. Justice has begun an investigation into the family V. from Sliedrecht hamlet Baanhoek accusing a neighbor of witchcraft and its threatened to strangle. Instigator is a Gorcumse exorcist. Or are old wives' tales?

Ms. K. came last week unsuspectingly in at her neighbors and saw the whole family V. at the table. Everyone stared at her. "They had already often done odd ", she says, looking back. "And they always had talked about witchcraft. But as strange as that morning, I never seen them. " And just to say, asked her way past her nose: "Is it someone's birthday?”

In Opa. do this with a wagging finger to K. and said she was a witch and that she had thickened his granddaughter Gezina. "We know that you come home with your mind. That girl you have in your power. And the trees are withering in the country. That girl, which is so heavy, have got you made so. And now we demand that you put an end to!”

Ms. K. still gasping for breath as she told. Of course she had also noticed that Gezina had gained a lot of weight recently. But before she could respond to the accusation, forced the V family. her to drink a weird drink and then bless Gezina.


"I was very upset and wanted to go home, because it was the time that would eat my son. "But K. could not leave For they had blessed Gezina. K. refused. Then the wealthy family offered its first the huge amount of one hundred guilders and she said she did not want money, They threatened to strangle her.

Fortunately for K. her son came home and he found out she was detained by the neighbors, he kicked the door and wondered his mother. Once home, she felt strange and had the drink her blue lips. After four days, she went to the police.

wonder doctor

Polling shows that the family V. Medical was going shopping after the doctor had no explanation for the sudden obesity Gezina. The girl was tired, many lay in bed and was, 'weak head. "A rear neighbor, a baker, advised to quack Lambertus (Ber) consult lily from Gorinchem.

* Lily Lambert, 1866

Lily is a saddler annex wonder doctor which people would have healed miles around, of up to Hoekschewaard the Betuwe and the northern part of Brabant to the south of Utrecht. So mother and daughter had gone to the Haarstraat, where Lily a workshop.

Mother did not have much to explain. Lily knew immediately that Gezina was bewitched by a sorceress. He asked if the trees nearby had withered. That proved to be so. "Then you must find the magic to star in your immediate environment!”, Lily implored.

"Go home and the woman first to the welfare of your daughter's question, In its interior, the evil spirit which the unfortunate child was bewitched!”

(Ber Lelie)

Finally, the saddler gave mother and daughter another miracle drink that they had to drink the enchantment after which she should bless the daughter "so that the spell ends and she becomes healthy and happy again."

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key Test

Unfortunately for Mrs. K. she was the first to join the V family. inquired how he was Gezina. Mother and daughter then consulted with M. and Grandpa V., the father of Mrs. V. They sought additional confirmation and picked up the family Bible, put in a long key, whereupon one of them put a finger through the eye of the key and said the name of the suspect. Prompt the Bible moved.

* Foto: key Test

For the family was proof now comes. A few days later attracted Ms V. the neighbor with an excuse to the inside: "But, K wife. , come again soon to take a look!”, which become curious K. in ran the trap. She should be grateful her son that in the subsequent exorcismepoging in Baanhoek no casualties.

It is not yet clear when the police have completed the investigation into the incident. K. considering not to await the outcome and leave. The family V. has made impossible Baanhoek and is preparing for a move.

How it went further

The outcome of the police investigation into the family V. is unknown (the newspapers that have written the scene in Baanhoek, mention the criminal outcome).

Op 11 juli 1926 prove both the family and the neighbor to his left elsewhere.

Gezina was bewitched, but just pregnant, so stories collector Henk Kooijman discovered.

The story is the last known story in the Netherlands in which a key test is used to expose a witch.

Ber Lelie

Ber Lelie (1866) came from a family of saddlers and soothsayers from Wallonia (The family was originally Lille). Their profession saddler Lilies were common among farmers home. Their clientele as exorcist therefore found mainly in the countryside of the Shrinkage Ener- and the Alblasserwaard and the Land of Heusden and Altena. Ber is the last descendant of the family Lily who has been involved with divination and duivelbannerij.

Lily asked as many 10 guilders per consultation. Included was a "miracle drink" that tasted like juice. According to some, the drink was also steal from dried cherry with brandy.

Instigator was an elderly baker, Ms. M. She had a granddaughter who had been bewitched and was then, In its quest to help, released at Ber Lily. Who advised her: "Take a chicken with black feathers and push it alive in a pot of boiling water."

Presumably had M. when also sealing all the holes in the housing, from the chimney to the keyholes. These so-called henproef was to identficeren Witch. Witchcraft doctrine assumed that the witch had a 'double', a second kind of invisible body that night could crawl through keyholes.

Black chickens would be associated with the witch. By grazing the chicken to take would be lured the witch. And because they are not invisible could come into the house through holes and cracks, she would have to appear in person.


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Author: Aries P.B. van Meeteren

published: 21-01-2019

story number:  82

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