ROTTERDAM - The protest against the demolition of the Queen Church in Rotterdam reaches a new high. Ten students from Rotterdam and Delft, the two bell towers of the Church busy Queen. They plan to stay a few days to as breaking the hold against.

Hopefully the youth thick dressed, because with the current temperatures on 55 meters in the tower no fun. In addition, recent days have smashed the windows of the church by the local youth. Be established regularly fires.

Police and firefighters tried to talk the youth down, but communication was hardly possible. The students had boarded the hatches.


According to supporters sentence youth-despite police checks- with climbing ropes ended up in the top of the church. They were blankets and food for three days with them.

An attempt to provide squatters with stoves and more stores failed, because the "smugglers" were caught by police.

Two youths have been removed from the bell tower by fire. There would now sit eight.


For the church to -vernoemd Wilhelmina- More and more people tonight, take a look at the action of squatters. The residents have already seen enough in recent weeks around the church, that place should make for a seniors complex.

This weekend there were even strangers climbed the church. They left ringing the church bell, in the middle of the night. According to the Conservation Action Committee Koningskerk the "alarm bell" was. The police then the phone stopped ringing. There is now much more under surveillance around the church building.

During the last service, more than two weeks ago, it was full in the church. Tailor pastor then took the opportunity to also express his criticism of the present.

"The church is tonight fuller than ever. Where were you yesterday and the day before? Our suits deep indebtedness to our God. "

(Reverend Tailor, Vrije Volk 03-01-1972)

demolition Plans

The Foundation Elderly Housing Rotterdam bought the church in September of last year, with the plan to demolish the building.

A few councilors saw the impact of sales and stribbelden against, but a majority of the council agreed with the church and demolition plans.

Months later, a protest was launched there yet. The famous evangelist Johan Maas Rotterdam Bach wanted to keep breaking through to buy the church, but the new owner did not want to work anymore.

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The demolition of the church has been postponed several times. That was partly due to a lawsuit, filed by Maasbach.

The four councilors who had previously sought to stop the demolition, even attempted. A request went to the city council to designate a different location for the building plans for the senior complex.

There was a request to Secretary Vonhoff for demolition ban. But according to the Ministry could only be imposed if the church came to be on the preliminary list of monuments. But this was again necessary permission from the owner.

Meanwhile, turned more and more local residents against the demolition. For the church came to hang a banner and two men were arrested as they posted flyers at city hall.

Singing in the council chamber

During treatment activists sat together with Johan Maas Bach and his followers in the public gallery. She uttered a Halllujah Glory 'on the Queen Church, with a special custom text.

If Maasbach 3,6 million guilders could get together, then the church would substitute land made available. Two million he already available.

Among the potential lenders were among other shipbuilder Verolme, but that came to nothing. The Rotterdam millionaire Kleyn wanted to make a million guilders on the table and the oil trader Kievit wanted to come up with a million over the bridge.

Kievit later withdrew that bid, getting back in tax reasons. As would be three-quarters of the donation to the treasury, he had to make at least four million guilders.

Too late

State Vonhoff had set a deadline of Maasbach. If he could prove to Monday he had collected the money, The church would not come to listed buildings.

Maas Bach did not get around the financial picture. Even the appeal of television personality William Duys in 'off the cuff’ did not have enough money to save the building. The municipality had no alternate site available, was told Maasbach.

Last Wednesday, a start was made with the demolition of the church. An auction of the interior of the church did 25.000 gulden op. The organ and the bell tower delivered the most on.

Is a miracle still possible?

Opponents of the demolition have almost exhausted all possibilities now to keep the inevitable from. This week follows a debate in the council of the church. There will also be a court decision in a lawsuit, filed by Maasbach.

The expectation that the court will stop the demolition in minute. Now the money for the purchase of the land is not in session, there is no reason for the court to further delay the demolition.

Thus it seems that once again lost a piece of history in Rotterdam.

Hoe ging het verder?

The inevitable became reality. The College of Mayor and Aldermen not intervene, ingratitude a boycott action of a large part of the board gement. The judge was allowed to continue the demolition, unless there yet suddenly still would be a large sum of money on the table.

In the belfry turned out only two, and ten, sit activists. What did not help in the fight for the preservation of the church, is that the students were not the only youngsters who penetrated into the church . What wanton young people in the first days of the demolition itself have taken active in the demolition of stuff. For instance, the organ, was sold, but had to be retrieved, largely destroyed.

Especially the Telegraph took it from there big: 'Occupant Parties demolished along', head was 20 januari. Moreover, it is not sure that the guys in this picture are also responsible for the demolition of eg organ, which then nothing worth.

In the following days there were nightly youth on site. The tower was occupied several times, but many did not want to.

after the demolition was in the weeks continue. Op 22 maart 1972 The two distinctive towers of the Queen Church were blown up. A few months later, the first pile was beaten for the new senior complex.


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