ROTTERDAM / SCHIEDAM - The SVV Schiedam football tonight in a packed Kuip won the championship. By the 3-1 victory over Heerenveen finish the Buntings top team in the Champions League. The Feyenoord stadium bursting from the seams by the large crowd of supporters. The official number of spectators was set at 69.300, an absolute record.

The deciding match (already at the Feyenoord Stadium was moved because of the great interest) was within a few days out of stock. But it does not take into account was the Frisian supporters. To also give the Frisians a place, emergency stands were placed.


Probably got a lot of the supporters Abe Lenstra seen at work. The star of the Frisians was not always visible, but if he was in possession, there was a wave of excitement the stadium.

"And they got their money. It was a miracle to see the smooth ease, which Abe played football. So without effort ogenschijnlyk, so without grimness also. Abe often walked across the field if he thought of everything except the game, which he barely participated in those moments, But then there was it time, explained that he had played the ball. And then - measuring a simple flick of Abe's leg, body or head, swept the ball down and suddenly SVV'ers whole bunch of them. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 07-06-1949)
Abe Lenstra, WikiMedia

Lenstra but only the Frisians could not help the title. The Frisians were still sure to win a deciding game the title, got the first chance of the match, but had the misfortune keeper Tiemen Veenstra had no best day.

After ten minutes rinus gosens fired a shot on Veenstra, which was then tapped himself on the goal by the keeper. When the second goal slipped the ball through the arms and the legs of the keeper (goal: Henk Könemann).

Friese pressure

Shortly thereafter Lenstra was first made themselves heard. He knew from an awkward angle to hit the ball as, which the ball landed on the crossbar.

Especially after resting tried Heerenveen still a game to make. A combination between Marten Brandsma and Lenstra made goalkeeper Hans Opschoor became. A few miniutes later the goalie no chance, when Marten Brandsma from close in tapping.

But while Heerenveen went looking for the equalizer, the goal fell on the other side. Jan Schrumpf Könemann only set for target, those skilled finished (3-1).

Final Offensive

In the next phase there was still pressure Heerenveen, that Lenstra and Miller (pole) still twice around came from a goal.

Meanwhile themselves had hundreds around the field guards with red caps qualified for the fences, in order to prevent would take the public ownership of the field.

After the final whistle was captain Arie de Bruijn suspended from a large ring, and he was on the shoulders of his team mates carried to the dressing room.

KJV champion team. Bron: football Legends


What makes it extra pretty Championship, that this SVV season as a PhD student was active in the First Division. But the team of Kees finished top of Dijke, in a league in which Xerxes (Rotterdam), Ajax (Amsterdam), OF (Utrecht) and Sparta (Rotterdam) were active.

The six district champions then took a competition from those who then could call champion. It appeared from BVV 'S-Hertogenbosch, the largest competitor. That team eventually finished as second, two points behind SVV.

SVV is one of the largest football clubs from the region, that in terms of membership not far behind clubs like Sparta, Feyenoord and RFC is. The team has now become champion, exists especially from players who are from the neighborhood Schiedam The Buntings.

now the team is not more in the neighborhood, the club had become too big for the property, but the bond with the Schiedam neighborhood persists. During the ceremony, in open carriages, The players had to deal with huge trays with serpentine, when they The Buntings by reason.

Hoe ging het verder?

The championship was of course be celebrated and happened. In addition to the rijtocht also followed a further ceremony in the passage Theater.

Bicycle Dealer Soomers gave all players a new bike, a huge gift for that time. The gift was so great, even the KNVB was not happy.

Three weeks later KJV beating Quick Nijmegen, the cup winner. It turned out to be the first 'Supercup'. SVV won met 2-0.

KJV became increasingly difficult to head into the 80s to keep afloat. Eventually the club was saved by car dealer From dike. With its cash injection the club was promoted to the Eredivisie, but that was in fact the beginning of the end.

Sportpark Harga did not meet the requirements to competitions were held in the Eredivisie. The team therefore had to swerve other stadiums. Most home games were therefore played the Feyenoord Stadium, but that was for many SVV supporters a step too far.

Where the first games were visited over, came there especially after the winter hardly spectators. Thus, the competition attracted KJV - Roda JC only 350 spectators. Thus, the club has also record for the least number of spectators in the Cockpit (For a game that does was accessible).

The club then merged with Dordrecht'90 (after merger plans with Feyenoord and Sparta came to nothing). Since the name was SVV quite quickly removed from the club name.

In amateur was SVV (after a merger with SMC) quite long at a high level running. But even there, the team sank, with the low point this season. were in April this year, both the first Saturday- Sunday as team removed from the competition. Next season, all attention on the Saturday team and there is no power require more Sunday Department.


football Legends – SMB

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Het Vrije Volk – 07-06-1949 – SVV's football champion of the Netherlands

Nieuwsblad van Friesland – 07-06-1949 – Heerenveen was eliminated by slightly better SVV

Het Parool – 07-06-1949 – KJV took last hurdle to title; 3-1 against Heerenveen

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