ROTTERDAM – In Rotterdam this evening at the first event in the city of Provo 33 arrested youths. The gathering at the statue of 'Fido’ the Westersingel ran after just fifteen minutes from the hand. Some youths began shouting slogans and papers to stabbing fire and picked up the police.

The first provo meeting in Rotterdam, according to other media in an hour that they must already have at home mom’ attracted about two hundred youths.

Joop Stolk, nephew of the famous Amsterdam Provo, Rob Stolk, gave a speech. At that time the police squeezed a blind eye, even Stolk had no permission from the council to address the crowd.

In his speech Stolk pleaded for more greenery in the city, more music hangouts for youngsters (beat cellars) and cheaper public transport.

Then went more and more young people are stirring. After Stolk certainly spoke out against the Vietnam War.

Some attendees stakes newspapers at the statue ablaze. When the youths also "Johnson killer began to chant, hold police.

Stolk was the first prisoner. He not resisted arrest.


At that moment reinforcement for the police. A sound truck summoned the youth to leave. Anyone who listened was not taken away by the cops.

Around one half of the rest was returned. Then there were 33 young people in the police. Of these 17 of age. The rest of the young people could go home the same night.

The police are satisfied with the way the meeting has expired, Wolters was police chief at a press conference to know.


The Provo movement was founded last year in Amsterdam. The name comes from the thesis of scientists who introduced the term. Roel van Duijn embraced the name for the group of anti-authoritarian youth.

The Provos were hitherto by the general public is often confused with punks; loitering, with expensive clothes and often on a moped. The big difference with the punks that the Provos is often politically engaged.

In a statement, the rebels announced their call for resistance against the establishment.

"Provo realizes that it will be the ultimate loser, but the chance to provoke once more heartily this society, will not miss it "

(beginselverklaring provo’s, 1965)

Provo's also made sure that the wedding of Princess Beatrix and Claus van Amsberg was disturbed by a smoke bomb, thrown during the ride.

Hoe ging het verder?

Fifteen of the sixteen young people who were on Sunday afternoon for the court received a prison sentence of six days. the sixteenth, who stood strong against his detention, even got twelve days.

Stolk was released. It could be placed not charged and was not brought before the court.

The judge was clearly in his judgment: "Rotterdam can not have these things. For that Rotterdam is an active city ".

Thereby provoking protests in Rotterdam was far from crushed. Every Saturday the rebels came together. Often, when the image of Fikkie, but later in other places, because the police often stood youngsters waiting.

Whenever arrests were made and the youth were sentenced to several days in prison.

In the fall, a new group of rebels in Rotterdam: The New Generation. They came in the news at the Femina (home exchange) Mayor of abandoning Thomassen and to start the conversation.

They demanded a place in town. Successfully: the place came: de Leiperd, under the Willemsbridge, which is now Club Vie. This was achieved on the main objectives of the Provos.

The above story is part of the series for the History Month, themed Uprising. In this case, it is young people who rebel against authority.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 01-10-2018

story number: 224

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