LEIDEN - The steeple of Peter's Church in Leiden collapsed. That happened in the night of Monday to Tuesday. Because it happened in the night and no one was injured. The cause of the collapse is not clear.

is not much left of the steeple on. Part of the wall is still standing, but the clock at the top of the 70 tot 100 hung meter high tower, Located on pieces.


The collapse did not come as a surprise. During the Mass last Sunday were all large pieces of stone put down during the service. Nevertheless, the service just went.

This weekend the service went without major problems. Last night, the priest just went to sleep, only to be awakened by a deafening noise. Beams of the tower were suddenly beside his bed.

Peter with Tower, unsigned. rounded 1515

King of the Sea

The largest church in Leiden tower is known as "King of the Sea ', because skippers at Katwijk in good weather could use the church as a navigation point.

The church has been since 1390 rebuilt and the tower a few years later built. Recent years have also adapted other parts of the church.

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City without a church tower

Lead to do it temporarily without striking church tower. The Peter tower collapsed and the other major church of Leiden, St Pancras Church in the High Country, has a bell tower that does not exceed the rest of the church. There it puts a very small turret above the church, but hardly noticeable.

There were plans to give the St. Pancras Church a large church, but lack of money through inflation and the decline of the cloth trade construction played tricks.

Future plans

Therefore, it is unclear what will happen to the church tower. Chances are that make the current church government is faced with a lack of money. In addition, the renovation of the church is still not finalized.

Hoe ging het verder?

The construction of the church was only in 1565 rounded. The last remnants of the steeple (the demolition of the east wall) be in 1540 only be removed. The church never came back.

The collapse of the tower meant that the plans were adapted for remodeling. The ship was extended to the present west facade, where the tower had stood. Parts of the collapsed church tower were reused in the rebuilding.

The remains of the bells were melted down into a large clock with a diameter of 1,81 meter: Sint Salvatorklok.

Pieterskerk (1698)

a belfry was put on the Pieterskerkhof, a wooden platform with multiple clocks. The Kloksteeg there still named after. The belfry disappeared 1745, because it was in poor condition. The bell was melted. With the proceeds, the church was repaired.


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Text: Dave Datema coop Allard Schellens

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 42

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