ROTTERDAM / UTRECHT - The disciplinary committee of the KNVB resigned in full after the latest developments in the case involving Willem van Hanegem. According to members of the federal administration, the Football Association has clearly sided with the Feyenoord player, by going in appeal against the three-match ban imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.

According to the committee of the Football Hanegem's has successfully put pressure, by threatening to boycott the Dutch team. The union has appealed, without even asking explanation about the decision of the committee.

The 'Case Van Hanegem’

The striking case is the Dutch soccer world for nearly two weeks in its grip. Willem van Hanegem was in the away game against NEC, last Sunday, a warning from referee Schalks because he would have made a move to natrappende NEC's Miel Pijs, lying on the ground.

This action of Hanegem's hung suspended for several matches overhead, exactly a week before the game against Ajax leader. The European Cup match against AC Milan (next week) he may not be able to participate.

And so it went after 2-0 victory against NEC only on the warning had been given Van Hanegem. Initially Feijenoord would have admitted that he had kicked his opponent "reflexively", but later he vehemently denied.

It is the first time in four years that Van Hanegem was noted during a league game in the referee's book.

"It happened two minutes before the break. Pijs lay on the ground. Hanegem kicked him. I can imagine, that they have not seen in the confusion that I gave him an official warning. But I did it and I have asked Israel captain immediately informed "

(Referee Schalks in Het Vrije Volk, 27-10-1969)

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three games

The disciplinary committee came a few days later with the penalty for Van Hanegem: three-match ban. This meant that Van Hanegem the matches against Ajax leader, AC Milan (European Cup) and had to miss Haarlem.

The disciplinary committee refused to view the video while the case, which were made during the competition. NEC had the Dutch Sports Federation instructions to make a film during the competition. Feyenoord manager Guus Brox had prior to the decision said that the images "do not see that Van Hanegem Pijs kicks', but rather the other way.

But according to the disciplinary committee, the film was no evidence. Therefore the film is not shown again.

Chairman Guus Couwenberg and Van Hanegem reacted furious about the penalty.

"I think it's so unfair that I will be punished, while I have done nothing. Maybe I Pijs fallen into the trap. Perhaps. But it was an accident. Honestly."

(Willem van Hanegem, Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 30-10-1969)


An important factor in the punishment of Van Hanegem turned out to be a match, Van Hanegem in the week before the match against NEC played against Bulgaria. Even when he received an official warning. Feyenoord could prior to the case, not have been aware, that the Danish referee Michaelson had written the name of Van Hanegem.

In the days following the decision of the disciplinary committee of the criticism focused on the point that the warning of Hanegem's in the match against Bulgaria had such a great influence on the sentence for an offense in the Eredivisie.

Van Hanegem, still furious about the penalty, was then hinted that he is no longer available for the Dutch team, remains as punishment.

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special twist

Feyenoord went against the sentence appeal. But the club was not the only. The KNVB was against the appeal decision. That is remarkable, but regulatory allowed.

The KNVB agrees with the criticism that an offense in a match, has nothing to do with actions during matches in Eredivisie, so the explanation.

Van Hanegem responded enthusiastically to the KNVB step. Boycott was absolutely no question, he told.

Since the Appeals also video NEC - Feyenoord wanted to see, the case could not be dealt with in the short term. Therefore, treatment is postponed until tomorrow. Van Hanegem could therefore play against Ajax. If the decision is delayed any longer, he is eligible to play against AC Milan.

Feyenoord won three days ago 1-0 Ajax. Van Hanegem was in the starting.

Step down

The remarkable step of the KNVB shot the disciplinary committee in the wrong way. All ten members have resigned.

The committee found that the importance of the Dutch team apparently (and financial interests that come while) was more important than a good criminal justice. According to the committee of the KNVB Hanegem's successfully put pressure, by the threat of an Orange-Boycott.

The Committee does not agree with the fact that the appeal has been postponed. Especially since the appeals has not even been confronted with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Dutch FA refers to the departure of the disciplinary committee exaggerated and "disproportionate '.

Hoe ging het verder?

The appeals came two days after the resignation of the disciplinary commission of the criminal appeal: fined 500 gulden. The Appeals Committee did not feel that Van Hanegem had intentionally kicked Pijs, but it was proved that he has not mastered enough. The endorsement from Bulgaria played no role in the criminal appeal.

NEC played a special role in the case. The club had in the days before the appeal tried to get as much money as possible from Feyenoord, permission to use the images. wild club 2.000 gulden, Feyenoord but would not exceed 500 tot 800 pay guilders, the cost to mount the film. How much is paid for the images is not clear. However, the Appeals said that the band was a "valuable tool".

Feyenoord president Couwenberg had hoped for acquittal, but could eventually live with the penalty. Van Hanegem was glad he was from all the whining. Half a week later he was in the base against AC Milan. The away match was with 1-0 lost. The home game was with 2-0 won, whereby Feijenoord qualify for the next round.

For the average football fan this story is perhaps a little strange. Why so much fuss about a 'note'. It must be said that in the yellow and red cards 1969 not yet exist. Those were only the World Cup soccer 1970 introduced.

In the Netherlands Willem van Hanegem (how ironic) the first to 13 augustus 1972 received a yellow card in a match Eredivisie. Even when the opponent was NEC (how ironic).

The disciplinary committee was 1969 still called the disciplinary committee.


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Text: Dave Datema coop Sjoerd Bootsma

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 49