SOUTH-HOLLAND – Op 28 fields, throughout the Netherlands today launched the new professional league. Last Thursday, it was decided that the NBvB competitions (proftak) and the KNVB (amateurs) merge.

The enthusiasm of the public for the new professional league was, seen attendances, Quite big. Some stadiums were sold out for the first time in years. Most of the audience was at Ajax - VVV (2-3), true 20.000 people came to the stadium.

The clubs are randomly divided into four First Class. The teams will be divided at the end of the season in a League and First Division. The teams are in the league, are later divided into a Ere- and First Division.


The conflict arose about professional football last year, when it appeared that the KNVB was not willing to organize professional football. The Dutch Professional Football (NBVB) was founded, who started their own league.

At the beginning of this season started ten clubs in the first Dutch professional league. At the same time began the KNVB competition. After a few months the KNVB got through this' football war’ was bad for the quality of the Dutch fields. Last Thursday was therefore buried the hatchet and two unions went on together. The two ongoing competitions were immediately stop put.

Eight of the ten existing professional clubs remained. Thus, The Hague and Rotterdam BVC went together as the Flamingos. But the rapid merger caused some problems.

* Haarlem – Alkmaar. Foto: Joop van Bilsen, National Archives / Anefo


There was an hour before the start of the game against Zwolsche Boys still no clarity on who would play. In total, there 23 Players in Zwolle. Along the way, it was agreed that there would play five players from the former Hague and five players BVC Rotterdam.

would be drawn to the spot on the target between Wim Landman (R’dam) and Piet Kraak (Den Haag). Landman won the draw. The appointment little landed. Landman did play, but coach Franz Fuchs eventually made seven locals and only four residents of The Hague on.

Despite the unusual preparation, Flamingo's won 5-0. The goals were Stout, Clavan (2) and The Harder (2).

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"Profs against amateurs’

The expectation was that the NBvB clubs would have a big advantage over the other clubs, because they had good players were bought in recent months. But in practice turned out to be hardly exist would. Of the eight clubs NBvB knew only three win.

It is also notable that all clubs in Amsterdam (Ajax, BVC Amsterdam, Blue White and DWS) all lost their first game.

Other results


Roda Sports - Emma 1-2: Emma from Dordrecht had their first game visiting the merger club Roda Sport, a combination of first-graders and Bleijerheide Kerkrade. After ten minutes Boy made the opening goal for Limburg. Janus and Cor van der Gijp then scored two goals from Emma. spectators: 4.000

Petrels - Excelsior 1-1: Excelsior started the defensive game, but fell behind through Proposition. In the last five minutes Kralingers threw everything on the attack. In a corner Dijkgraaf nodded in the equalizer. spectators: 2.500


ADO - EDO 1-2: A disappointing start to the Hague club. Both games played not strong, EDO Haarlem but it came at a 0-2 voorsprong, by goals from Klein and Roodselaer. Valks scored the only goal of ADO. spectators: 10.000

SVV - DWS 4-0: Within 15 minutes had been played this game. Koeneman, Yellow (free kick) and Van Pelt were the scorers in the initial phase. After the break Van Pelt scored again. spectators:  8.000

Brabantia – Sparta 3-2: In the KNVB competition Brabantia had no competition yet won, but today played the best game of the season so far. The Spartans were midway through the second half on a 3-0 backlog (goals Kruyssen, Forest and Moles). The two matches against Sparta in the final made it even more exciting (two goals of Vessel), but the defeat was deserved. spectators: 2.000


Feyenoord - Vitesse 2-1: The spectators in the Cockpit were shown a fairly mediocre game. Winger Daan den Bleyker was the best the home side. He made the first goal for Feyenoord. In the second half, Van der Heide doubled the lead. The Vitesse tying goal came shortly before time. spectators: 15.000

Blue White - Hermes DVS 1-2: The Schiedammers came in a nasty match through Van der Zee and Gudde on 2-0 voorsprong. Despite the goal of Bommels, fifteen minutes before, Schiedamse win in Amsterdam was no longer in danger. spectators: 5.000

EBOH - PSV 2-2: The contest in Dordrecht went both ways. For peace EBOH was stronger. The goal of Scheurwater was well deserved. After PSV came on stream. Goals from Dillen and French PSV took the lead. From the penalty spot after a handball made EBOH via Hijbeek equal. spectators: 7.000


Xerxes – DFC 1-1: The Rotterdam-Dordrecht conflict ended undecided. DFC came through Versteeg ahead. Coen Moulijn put both teams at the same height. spectators: 7.000

Hoe ging het verder?

Actually, the merger was a great success. In most clubs came public and the 'advantage' that the professional clubs would have the amateurs proved to be so great.

Holland Sport (the name of the Flamingos picked forced, because there was already a football club with the same name) was second in the First Division A, the most successful team.

The four classes with fourteen teams, placed the first nine qualified for the league, overlooking the Honorary- and First Division. Holland Sport, Excelsior, Emma (First Class A), Sparta, SMB (First Class B), EBOH, Feijenoord (First Class C.), DFC (First Class D) qualified for the league. Only Hermes DVS and Xerxes went to the First Division.

The competition for the championship (The four leaders of the First Classes played against each other) Brabants was a huddle. Willem II, NAC, PSV Eindhoven and played against each other. Willem II took the championship in.


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published: 28-11-2017

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