WATERINGEN - Four boys this morning on an old landfill in Wateringen found a shivering newborn baby. The baby was wrapped in a garbage bag. In spite of the bizarre circumstances in which the child was found, it looks likely that the child will survive, say doctors.

The nine-pound boy is likely to last night born. The placenta and part of the umbilical cord were still on the boy.


The boy was found by four boys skating. The four boys Dick, George, Alex and Ferry were skating near Wateringen when they suddenly saw the boy lying. Although it was freezing the baby was still alive.

The four warned some people that passed, who brought the infant to a farm near. Since the baby was immediately placed in a warm bath.

A doctor then warned the umbilical cord ligated. Next, the infant is taken to a hospital in Delft. On the way to the hospital the doctor regularly had mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to apply.


Who is the mother of the little baby is not yet clear. The National Police is a quest started in Wateringen and surroundings. The police assumes that the mother acted in complete despair of.

The only clue that there is preliminary, is an embroidered rug, that is found near the baby.

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If the mother is next Wednesday has not reported, then is next Wednesday reported to the civil registry. That will be done by the police. For now, the four guys who baby have found little named 'Joe' data.

The probability is high that the small name "Joep van Watercourses "will get, as foundlings are often given a name related to the place where it was found. The child then comes directly under the care of the Child Protection Board in The Hague.

Hoe ging het verder?

The foundling not given the name Joep, but Dick IJsbrand van de Wetering. In addition, he was named after the little boy saw the first lie, Dick. IJsbrand refers to the cold, in which the founding, it was found. Van de Wetering refers to the municipality Wateringen and water, de Wetering, where the foundling was born.

Police searched for months for the possible mother and father Dick IJsbrand, but which, as far as known, never traces.

A few months later a sexual suspect image. Dick IJsbrand would be raised with the daughter of the man. but from blood tests would prove that this story was incorrect. The minor was daughter never been pregnant.

Especially in the area of ​​Wateringen were numerous requests to adopt Dick Ijsbrand. Those requests were all rejected by the Council of the Child. It was, according to the council unwise to grow up the child in the immediate vicinity of Wateringen.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 18-02-2019

story number: 86

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