ROTTERDAM – Police have tonight a revolt in the prison Noordsingel harshly suppressed. At least eight people (Two women and six young) are placed in isolation rooms, or transferred to any of the other wings of the detention.

In multiple cells are smashed windows. The rioters, according to the prison authorities therefore transferred to another wing, to prevent them from injuring themselves on broken glass all. The damage is estimated at several thousand guilders.

tense atmosphere

According to director Polman is common that a tense atmosphere depends on the last night of the year. "But that's gone by midnight out of hand this time", Polman says the Telegraph.

The newspaper had guards at noon had been informed of plans for young people, which were not going to go later in the day returned to their cells. But at the end of the day the youngsters were still voluntarily to their cells.

But in the C-wing started a number of young people with the destruction of the furniture and windows. The broken pieces of furniture beaten the young people made noise.

The unrest hit quite quickly over to the adjacent women's prison. There has been playing more dissatisfaction with the hourly wage that women get their work done. For example, men are paid better than women for the same work. There is no female detainees opportunity to better their return to society.

Deputy Director Van der Sluis had the idea that they would hand much longer have the situation. Therefore, the help was enlisted from the mobile unit and a pair of dog handlers. They have been working long hours to restore calm.

Not for the first time

It has in recent months been increasingly restless in the Rotterdam prison. Earlier this year passed a young female heroin addict. Half of the women in prison. The guidance of this group would be quite a bit to be desired.

In prison Noordsingel sit around 250 caught. There are a hundred and sixty young women. It is the only prison with a special women's section in Netherlands. The rest of the prisoners held aloof during the disturbances.

Staff shortages in prison also ensures that tensions rise within the prison walls. The unions withdrew before the alarm over the increased tensions.

In addition, the number of drug addicts in the remand centers has greatly increased in recent years. Since there are no drugs are available, it often comes down to a heavy withdrawal phase, with all its consequences.

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escape Attempt

The mobile unit also held the night near the house of detention eye. The staff also kept in mind that to make the rebellion with an escape attempt.

"Maybe they thought the guards would lose the head and would leave them out of the cell. Nou, that did not happen. The staff just kept a cool head came to the police ", says one of the guards at the Leeuwarden Courant.

Hoe ging het verder?

The disturbances Noordsingel ultimately have consequences. The permanent parliamentary committee on justice is in Rotterdam see how things are coming in the house of detention.

More than a month after the turmoil is a demonstration in Rotterdam, where a few hundred people to join, on the situation in the women's prison. A part of the (especially female) protesters could handing in prison roses.

Politicians are especially alarmed about the situation Noordsingel. Absenteeism is so high that guards regularly 50 hours per month working overtime.

The women's prison disappears-as planned- a few months later to the Bijlmerbajes.


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published: 1 januari 2018

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