While the Netherlands to look back on 2018, When looking Day Ahead. What historical events familiar in 2019 an anniversary. And there are a lot. A brief overview:

22 maart 1979 (40 jaar geleden): When a fast-attack is carried out, the British ambassador killed in Netherlands in The Hague. His butler survive the attack not. The police assumes that the IRA was behind the attack.

11 april 1944 (75 jaar): At the request of the Dutch resistance, the Population bombed in Villa Kleykamp. In addition, many people come to. The hope was that since the bombing daytime happened many lockers would be open and that the fire would destroy much paper, but it is disappointing in retrospect.

A comprehensive review of the bombing appeared earlier on Day when:

Smoldering remains of Villa Kleykamp after British bombardment. Photographer: Unknown. Hague Beeldbank

12 mei 1969 (50 jaar geleden): riots in the Hague Schilderswijk break, once was a documentary about the district on television. In the documentary is followed an occupant, nicknamed Rinus de Wipper has. Although he lives in a tiny house with his wife, there are always new children. On TV shows the shabby and unhygienic condition of the house. People around think he brings shame Schilderswijk. The police must bring Rinus safety.

13 mei 1619 (400 jaar geleden): In The Hague, former pensionary (similar to the post of prime minister) Johan van Barneveld beheaded. He was already for years at odds with governor Maurits (the son of William of Orange).

19 mei 1999 (20 jaar geleden): De night Wiegel. The VVD senator causes his voice to the corrective referendum does not come. Voting out the proposal caused a government crisis.

17 juni 1989 (30 jaar geleden): two Hague Councilors are by their own party (PvdA) turned away, because they are at odds with each other continuously. Aldermen Van Otterloo and Duivesteyn not agree with each other about the new Hague town hall. Van Otterloo, the plan is too expensive. Yet the pan or by put.

07 juli 1999 (20 jaar geleden): The Algemeen Dagblad reports that the province of South Holland has lost millions of guilders, After the bankruptcy of trading Ceteco. Later it turns out that the province 2 billion guilders invested tax money. The affair leading to the resignation of the Commissioner of the Queen and three deputies. There is also a ban on banking by public bodies.

09 juli 1969 (50 jaar geleden): In the Kurhaus in an area are off Alternatively Contest gehouden, but Singing Europe '69 ends in strife and chaos. The Spanish judge gives the Belgian entry extremely low rating, whereby Spain wins and Belgium Second. The initiative Lou Rees gets no second edition.

The winning Spanish team at Singing Europe in '69 Schevenignen. Foto: maker onebekend. National Archives / Anefo

07 augustus 1994 (25 jaar geleden): De World Equestrian Games held at The Hague. It is the biggest sporting event in the Netherlands since the Olympics (later course follows Euro2000). Anky van Grunsven wins the Freestyle. A few weeks later, it appears that a large financial deficit is possible 7 miljoen gulden.

13 september 1994 (25 jaar geleden): After thirteen years Father Koopman stop his monthly demonstrations at the Courtyard by abortion. on the last day of action 200 followers.

Opponents of abortion at the Courtyard by Father Koopman. Foto: Hans van Dijk, National Archives / Anefo

12 oktober 1979 (40 jaar geleden): In The Hague, the son of Turkish Ambassador Benler shot. The stop is claimed by a group of Armenian. It is the second attack on an ambassador in one year.

16 oktober 2004 (15 jaar geleden): It was a project that took longer and was a lot too expensive. Maar op 16 oktober 2004 going to the Hague tramtunnel open. The tunnel is more than a kilometer long and shortened a quarter billion.

(Movie of Omroep West in October 2014)

06 december 1999 (20 jaar geleden): Het students protest at the Study runs pretty out of hand. The police intervenes, as school children with eggs and stones throwing. The action does have success, because Adelmund State decides to soften the plans.

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