While most people in the last month of the year back on 2018, Day does then do not join. This site looks back all year, yet? Therefore, we look ahead to all the memorable historical data that take place next year in Rotterdam.

11 januari 1999 (20 jaar geleden): Op 11 januari 1999 it was revealed that Mayor Ivo Opstelten would be Rotterdam. He then waved the scepter in Utrecht. The VVD man is seen as a 'man of the people', After the 'intellectual' Bram Peper.

11 februari 1969 (50 jaar geleden): Utrecht started the mega-trial Hans van Zon, who is suspected of multiple homicides. The murder of the Rotterdam Elly Hagerstown has not been proven by the court. The lawsuit does not go really smoothly. The suspect is put out of the room several times.


17 februari 1989 (30 jaar geleden): A mega job. The second Brienenoordbrug is in place hazards. In this way and people get the bridge in place, Zwijndrecht to Rotterdam. Many thousands of people are watching how the bridge along the Botlekbrug, Spijkenisserbrug and the King's harbor bridge sailed.

05 maart 1979 (40 jaar geleden): In protest against the arrival of a mega brothel at the Gatehouse in South Rotterdam acts angry residents from Feyenoord to occupy Labor office. That party was at that time the absolute majority in the Rotterdam city council. Occupying the office does nothing, but if it turns out that the plan will ensure that the construction of new homes in danger, the arrival of the Eros Center is still not.

There is already a comprehensive review of the occupation action on Day When website:

Occupation of the Labor Party office in Rotterdam in protest against the establishment of an eros center in the Gatehouse. Foto: Koen Suyk, National Archives / Anefo

05 april 1994 (25 jaar geleden): A bizarre sight on the Coolsingel. Hundreds of illegal immigrants gather at the police station because they think they are eligible for a verblijfsvergunning, if they pay guilders. It is a fairy tale, They are told by the police, but they come back again and again.

08 april 1989 (30 jaar geleden): Frank Sinatra performs in Ahoy. The hall is sold rigid and tickets cost hundreds of guilders. The Netherlands is top of the tables, near the stage.

25 april 1999 (20 jaar geleden): Feyenoord champion, but the party afterwards lingers most. Coolsingel plundered by hooligans.


18 mei 1959 (60 jaar geleden): A lot more relaxed when it went championship Sparta. Led by legendary coach Dennis Neville Rotterdam are the best team in Netherlands. The championship is won after a 4-0 victory at DWS in the Olympic Stadium. Sparta is the first club that celebrates the feast on the Coolsingel.

22 augustus 2009 (10 jaar geleden): It is very restless after a party in Hoek van Holland, which will be known as'beach riots’. Several agents are cornered by youth. If agents are forced to use their service pistols, a 19-year old Dutchman fatally struck.

13 september 1969 (50 jaar geleden): They look surprised at Airport Zestienhoven, as a man with a homemade device DAF engine comes to fly and land at the airport. The unit was put together by brothers Dijkman. They had asked the friendly sport kite Jac van Ham to test the device, from a beach. This goes well, the pilot decides to fly to Zestienhoven, where it lands. Thereafter, the device is applied to the chain.

24 september 1994 (25 jaar geleden): Regilio Tuur is world boxing. In a sold out Ahoy he takes the world by the WBO, one of the four major boxing associations. He beats the American Eugen Speed ​​on points.

24 september 1999 (20 jaar geleden): Radio Rijnmond reports that there has been large-scale fraud receipts at City Hall. The aldermen and former Mayor Pepper would have to made themselves guilty. De bonnetjesaffaire Born. Several staff suspended. Later it turns out that there is indeed what is happening, but it was much smaller than expected.

A comprehensive retrospective is already on the Day when website:

Receipts, Pixabay

27 september 1979 (40 jaar geleden): a strike at Shell Pernis ended with violence. According to the unions has hired management thugs to break the strike. Successfully. The activists have become so afraid that they then get back to work.


Strike at the Shell refinery in Pernis for a 35 hour week and 5-shift. Foto: Rob Croes, National Archives / Anefo

13 oktober 1979 (40 jaar geleden): In other parts of the port of Rotterdam by stopped for weeks. without unions, because they had already reached an agreement with unions, but that was passed through a large part of the strikers voted. Thereafter, the actions continue for weeks. Only when they have a pay rise 30 guilders a week and a bonus 1000 get guilder, the men go back to work.

Foto: havenstaking 1979

17 oktober 1969 (50 jaar geleden): Jan Tinbergen gets the first Nobel Prize in Economics. Tinbergen professor in Rotterdam. He owes the award to inventing econometrics; creating economic models, with mathematics, informatics and statistics play an important role.

23 oktober 1969 (50 jaar geleden): A German man, Klaus Pechstein (28), gets the first done to all swimming on Rhine. That river was a lot dirtier than dat'ie now. But there are still major doubts put to the German performance.

The Rhine. Photographer: Bert Verhoeff, National Archives / Anefo. License: Public Domain

05 november 1969 (50 jaar geleden): The complete disciplinary committee (not: disciplinary committee) of stepping on the KNVB, after a clinch on Willem van Hanegem. Following a foul in a game against NEC hanging him suspended for several matches overhead. When Van Hanegem than likely not come out for Orange, , the KNVB (!) appealed the sentence. That is a reason to move on to the disciplinary committee.

Wim van Hanegem appear before the Appeals Committee of the KNVB Utrecht. Links chairman of Feyenoord Couwenberg congratulates Van Hanegem , nummer 35 Couwenberg. Photographer: Rob Mieremat, National Archives / Anefo. License: Public Domain

07 december 1969 (50 jaar geleden): Feyenoord's Piet Romeijn get a note from the referee, scheldt'ie him to 'Hondelul'. It is the beginning of a riot. After the game Romeijn denies that he used the word, but later he comes back to that.

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