DELFT – Willem van Oranje, the leader of the Northern Netherlands, was murdered in Delft. There is a suspect arrested. Orange (51) was outlawed by the Habsburg King Philip II.

The attack happened in St Agatha monastery in Delft, better known as the Princes. The Prince of Orange had lunch there with Mayor Van Uylenburg Leeuwarden. On the way to his bedroom, he was shot at close range with a pistol.

Orange has been hit three times, of which one time in his chest. He was instant dead. There are stories about Van Oranje still said something, but that is contradicted by witnesses.


William of Orange was declared four years ago outlawed. had the leader of the revolt that he rejects the suppression of Protestants. Philip II could not appreciate it and declared the governor of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Friesland and Overijssel outlawed.

According to Philip II of Orange had also been guilty of bigamy, treason and hypocrisy. Orange was also expelled from the Netherlands.

By outlawing William the Silent, Philip II hoped the uprising neck to rotate. At the head of Van Oranje came to be a price 25.000 crown. It would also be the one that William of Orange to life would bring immediately be elevated to the peerage.

Then several attacks followed the life of Van Oranje. Two years ago there was an attack in Antwerp by the 19-year-old clerk Juan de Jáuregui. He was persuaded by his supervisor to shoot Van Oranje death.

In return, he would 2.877 get ducats (a bit more than 3 percent of the total remuneration) Of Orange was shot in the head, but survived the attack. Guards then killed Jaureguy. Two of the three accomplices were then beheaded.

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So the attack was today or fatal. Immediately after the shooting is just a man arrested outside the city wall of Delft. He is known as François G., a man who two months ago entered employed by the Prince of Orange.

According to unconfirmed reports, the suspect used a false name to get near Van Oranje. His real name was Balthasar G. to be.

G. said he was a young French nobleman. He had taken the ring from a Spanish general. Orange was delighted with this unexpected 'help'.

The suspect was sent on behalf of the Prince to France in May. On the way he bought two pistols.

The motive for the murder is not much yet clear. G. would be a convinced Catholic, which would have none of Protestants.


Despite the arrest, the investigation into the murder in full swing. The authorities are trying to find out whether G. in acted alone. To our knowledge, he has not said anything, despite being tortured during interrogations.

He would be beaten with pieces of wood. Tonight the wounds are smeared with honey. In his cell, therefore goat. The interrogators hope the goat, with its raw tongue, licking the wounds open. The hearings continue in the coming days.

when G. must answer for his actions is not clear.

Hoe ging het verder?

Balthasar Gerards was killed four days after the assassination of William of Orange. That happened four division. Limbs were then exhibited in various places in the city.

In the days before he was tortured in many ways. So weights were tied to his feet, He was quick-shrinking shoes and glowing torches were held under his armpits. Yet Gerard kept his mouth.

The reward 25.000 crowns had to be paid from the estate of William of Orange. Governor Albrecht of Austria tried years later Philip William, Prince of Orange, one of the sons of William of Orange, forcing to pay the relatives of Gerard from his power, but refused the son of William.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 12

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