ROTTERDAM - The severe storm (wind 11) today struck our country are certainly seventeen people died. According to the KNMI in De Bilt is about one of the worst storms in decades.

The storm caused damage probably hundreds of millions of guilders. Houses were damaged,  trucks were blown down, and hundreds of trees were blown down.

When the emergency services in Rotterdam are only a thousand reports of storm damage received.

Rotterdam got two people dead. At the Waalhaven in Rotterdam crashed a 46-year-old man, when it was hit by a container which afwaaide of a stack. The Delftweg Rotterdam passed a 30-year-old man, because a tree fell on his car.

In Noordwijk were three firemen in a fire at the Hotel Huis ter Duin. The fire spread much faster than initially expected. The fire then decided to pull back from the building. The three victims could not escape.


The situation is still unsafe street. In the center of Rotterdam closed several streets, such as the Coolsingel, Hofplein and Weena. The chance would come down heavy materials around.

It is especially looked anxiously toward the building Delft Gate, which is still under construction. At Het Vrije Volk allows the performer know "that now everything can come down."

When Marconiplein his office evacuated, because pieces of stone from the wall were dislodged by the storm. Cyclists are thereby affected by glass and stones.

Employees of the WTC building at Coolsingel went home early, because, according to the Vrije Volk, they have become sick of the back and forth oscillating double building. According to people in the building rocked the paintings on the walls and the water lapped against the sides of the toilet bowls.

The chaos in the harbor huge. Just eight seagoing struck from their anchor. The same was true for 30 barges. In Ouddorp the crane ship stranded Eerland Rotterdam.


Part of the Schie Tribune Castle, home to Sparta, let go during the storm. "I estimate that the damage runs into the barrels", Lam showed Ad Sparta know.

"It is a divine happiness that does not happen on Sunday."

Ad Lam, administration Sparta (Het Vrije Volk, 26-01-1990)

Rotterdam was the beginning of the Festival in the IFFR soup by storm. The car that would bring the copy of the film from Amsterdam, got stuck in traffic.

The glasshouse is hit hard. According Hagelunie, the leader of agricultural insurance, is the damage in the horticulture sector at some tens of millions of guilders.

Binnenmaas hit a man caught with his legs between the blades of a spinning mill. South Beijerland mill Landzigt went up in flames. The blades were started blowing so hard in the storm, that fire originated.

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Despite an appeal not the way to go, stood for hundred kilometer traffic jam. Many traffic jams caused by accidents, for example, by fallen truck. Certainly 130 trucks, trailers and caravans went down. In our region included the Moerdijk Bridge and Beneluxtunnel hours locked. It is expected that only in the course of the night resolved all files. To be.

Train traffic is currently completely impossible. at one Forty spots are broken catenary. It is possible for days while before all problems are resolved.

The main stations in our country are still many hundreds of stranded passengers present. Since the beginning of the evening, there is left a diesel train to Dordrecht, like what buses to Delft Breda.

Yet the mood is pretty good. A group of students going during the evening sitting in the station, about a boy a guitar, let the reporter for NRC Handelsblad. Nevertheless stores mood, if the NS says that that night will no longer train to drive. "I do not know where I would have to sleep", says a girl from Voorschoten against TVNZ. "When I call my mother is alone but panic. "

The NS has a sleeper train from Hook of Holland driven Rotterdam, so that passengers are not in the station having to overnight. Also hotels near the station have - sometimes reduced rate, sometimes even nothing - rooms offered. In the Groothandelsgebouw rooms were rented by the NS to people under too bring.

Most people now have a place to spend the night. An important question remains unanswered: how come these people home tomorrow?

The storm 25 januari 1990. Bron: KNMI

Hoe ging het verder?

The final death toll from the severe storm was on 17, although in some places also 19 is called. Throughout Europe come nearly a hundred people.

The maximum wind speed was eventually wind 11. there was a moment gewaardschuwd for wind 12, but that was not met.

According to the KNMI the damage was so great because the storm its peak was during the evening rush hour.

Research has shown that many people had underestimated the warnings of the storm. It was also the reason for the weather warnings special color codes, like Code Orange and Code Red.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 24-01-2020

story number: 145

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