MEERKERK – Meerkerk is a 26-year-old man killed his family. The victim would be strangled and then lynched. According to the suspects would be the victim possessed by the devil '.

Nine family members were arrested and transferred to institutions. A 23-year-old brother, who was forced to watch as his brother was slain, could escape.


The farmer and his wife lived with nine children (six boys, three girls aged 21 tot 37 jaar) on a farm 20 cows in the neighborhood Weverwijk, just outside Meerkerk.

People from the village tell the story of a special family, which gives the impression of a sect. The farmer and his wife lived with nine children (six boys, three girls) and their twenty cows on the farm. Passersby were insulted and threatened. even the father of the family was once was seen struggling in the field, in his own words "fighting against the devil '.

A preacher had tried to join the family on the floor, but he was not welcome. One of the sons has become exorcist. During the conversation with the minister argued that the word son and other family members agreed with everything he said to. Only the victim later went there not in it, to the fury of the son who spoke.

The authorities were aware of the eccentric family. Last Saturday the authorities again complaints about the "religious mania 'of the family. The cows were mooing loudly in the stables. They were not milked and had no food.

A few days later returned the rest -when- Mayor William Geleedst went to size up, together with two doctors. Which found that all danger had passed. The animals were given food again and were fed again.

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Locked up

Yet the madness hit back to my family. Two of the nine children were religious body not as confident as the rest of the family. According to the father they were therefore possessed. While the eldest brother went to bed, the handles of the doors were removed, so no one could leave the house.

The elder brother was attacked in his sleep. He was strangled and then maimed brutally. His younger brother, who did not have such religious beliefs, was watching and was later imprisoned in the kitchen, so the rest of the family could go with a bid-session.

But the brother managed to escape and ran to the police. The local agent was welcomed by the family with pitchforks and axes. He remind them to remain calm, by recalling that he was heaven sent 'by.

The family's mother was at that time part of the body of her son in her hands. Then all remaining family members were arrested and transferred to three different clinics.

That action did not come from a moment of madness, evidenced by the fact that to prevent the family had first tried the two brothers could escape. Then they tried to make the body disappear, by burning parts. It was in one of the rooms made a pyre, who may have put the house on fire.

Hoe ging het verder:

Eventually ended up all in a family founded in Utrecht. They were not in prison because they were declared mentally incompetent.

In a retrospective of the NRC from 1988 (also be discussed in which similar cases) it is said that all family eventually return to the farm in Weverwijk.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 02 februari 2018

story number: 66