THE HAGUE - A group of men this afternoon from the Red Cross Hospital on Sportlaan in broad daylight kidnapped a badly wounded Chinese man. The kidnappers would work at the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China. Hague circles in the incident has been quoted for the most enigmatic drama that Netherlands has ever known.

The protagonist in the story is the 42-year-old engineer Hsu Tzu Tsai. He is part of a group of nine technicians who ten days ago arrived in the Netherlands for a conference in Delft. That conference was about welding.


The house at the Prince Maurice Avenue where the victim was initially drawn in. Foto: Jan Voets, National Archives / Anefo

This afternoon between two and thirty drove a motorist Hague on Prince Mauritslaan. There he saw a man lying motionless in the street. That turned out to be Tsai Hsu Tzu.

The motorist called one of the people in the street with police. The occupant meanwhile saw several people with a Chinese look at the neighbors came out and dragged the body inside.

Based on the two statements of the witnesses called the police to the house of a neighbor, a high official of the Chinese Embassy. Officers saw in the hallway are the victim. He was still unconscious.

At the same time a car came driving up with a badge of the Diplomatic Corps. After a discussion, which lasted tens of minutes, received emergency authorization to take the victim to the Red Cross hospital.

The hospital was several people that there really was not carefully done with the victim.

"They were carrying a stretcher, then was also a Chinese. Suddenly put down three gurney in the hallway and dragged the patient off. It all went very fast. We were all too stunned to do anything. "

(Eyewitness in Het Vrije Volk, 19-07-1966)
The Red Cross Hospital in The Hague. Foto: Hague Beeldbank

In the Red Cross hospital reported more and more employees of the Chinese Embassy. At the same time the victim was lying on the X-ray department for research. Here it became clear that the victim has a skull fracture and severe spinal injury.

When the department assistant allowed to develop photos, the Chinese have placed the wounded man on a stretcher and went off. The assistant saw the men just walking away and gave them - unsuspecting - photos along.

At the main entrance was placed the victim in the car with the CD badge. Then the men went off at high speed.

One of the doormen told the hospital to Het Vrije Volk it did the departure of men in no time.

"We're still went back as a couple and have yet to see the car driving away. But we knew nothing, So what we could do. You dare to go slightly back: if they do such things, they are also more for nothing. "

(Het Vrije Volk - 19-07-1966)

Tzu Tsai is probably transferred to the offices of the agent (the highest official of the Chinese Embassy) in Adriaan Goekooplaan. This property is outside the Dutch authorities. How is it going with the victim is completely unclear, but doctors fear for his life. The victim was definitely not stable enough to be transported.

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Experts believe that the Tzu Tsai was approached during the congress in Delft by Western intelligence. Possibly offered him asylum in exchange for information.

There is great interest in the latest Chinese technology, especially in the area of ​​weapons development.

According to police, the victim probably mistreated. It was said that the man would be hit, but that does not match the wounds. Pointing rather to a fall or assault.

Second case in few months

It is not the first time that the Chinese like this in the news. Four months ago had employees of the Chinese Embassy tried to return a Chinese engineer forcibly to China.

This engineer Huang Tao Yuan, who worked at Gusto shipyard in Schiedam, had been planning to flee to West Germany. When the Chinese embassy found out, He was put to China at the airport.

Hoe ging het verder?

As if the whole story though was not bizarre enough, The story also provides a considerable diplomatic row on.

That same weekend, the charge d'affaires was summoned by Secretary of State Max van der Stoel of Foreign Affairs. He has at that time saying, because the House and many ministers are on vacation. And Li-chiu reports that the victim can not return to the hospital for further assistance, because he is deceased.

Then hears the agent of the State in which he 24 hours to leave the country. This also happens.

At Schiphol are more journalists than waiting for the envoy. He dodges the question with "I do not speak English 'in perfect English.

The Dutch government wants to find out what exactly happened. It is claimed that the other Chinese engineers, which now also included in the building at the Goekooplaan, can be interrogated, but keep the embassy from. They see it as a domestic issue.

Netherlands refuses to let the engineers go. The building at the Goekooplaan is hermetically sealed from the rest of the world. The diplomats can not be stopped, but the Chinese engineers are locked forced five months.

The Chinese Netherlands pay back in the same coin. The Dutch envoy also declared Persona non grata, but he can not leave the country. That is only possible if the engineers are back in Beijing.

After much negotiation is released the body Tzu Tsai. A Hague mortician put the body to crematorium Ockenburg, where the police are ready to take it to a police station. The police then concludes that Tzu Tsai has fallen, when he tried to flee the house on Prince Mauritslaan.

After five months there will be shot in case. The Chinese allow the engineers to be heard. If they can at least back then to China.

The engineers say that the Americans Tzu Tsai had been approached to run over. Within three minutes, the conversation with the men beyond. A few weeks later allowed to leave the Dutch charge d'affaires China.

Research by the television Other Times that the Chinese engineers have for some time monitored by the National Security Service (BVD). They also know that the men have valuable information.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 16-07-2018

story number: 116

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