SPIJKENISSE - This morning the body of a seriously injured woman was found along the Malledijk near Spijkenisse. She lay in the icy water. The police are still in the dark when it comes to what happened to the woman.

Police were told there was a bicycle on the ice, at the bottom of the dyke. A police dog found the woman's body, in a ditch behind a house along the Malledijk. The victim is resuscitated and critical brought to Erasmus MC in Rotterdam.

The victim is a 43-year-old woman from Spijkenisse. She was on her way to the shelter, where she works, was.

The police are still investigating the site. Nobody has been arrested yet. According to a spokesman for the police, it is still completely unclear what happened to the woman.

Hoe ging het verder?

The victim has a name: Nanda Kerklaan. In the Erasmus MC falls into a coma and she dies of her five days after the find injuries.

The police then still have no clarity about the cause of death. Nanda Kerklaan's friend calls witnesses to report to the police, but no one has seen anything.

A traffic accident is not excluded, not even after section. The police then hold on to the scenario that the woman is falling and crawled to the ditch with brain damage.

Local residents do not believe in an accident.

“Our belief was that it was not a traffic accident. Not only because the bicycle and Nanda were so far apart. But she also had no injuries to the lower body. Therefore it seemed very unlikely that she had been hit by a car or crashed by herself”

Occupier Uncles in 2015 during recordings for a documentary by RTV Rijnmond.

After three months, the investigation is conducted by the police locked.

Six months later, Farida Zargar disappears when she crosses the Malledijk cycles home. Despite a large search, the woman remains without a trace.

During a search, eighteen months later (oktober 2011) an officer sees the passport of Farida Zargar. Later, Farida's sawn-off foot is also found in Patrick S's barn.

Patrick S. arrested for the disappearance of the woman. A few weeks later he points to the place where Farida is buried.

As a conversation from Patrick S. is being bugged with his sister, it turns out that he was also responsible for the death of Nanda Kerklaan.

Patrick S. quickly gets the nickname "Monster of the Mallebos". Later it turns out that he, together with a friend, Timothy S., in 2011 another Polish man has robbed and abused. The victim was hit on the head with an iron bar, but survived that.

Patrick S. stated that he murdered five women. One would be Joke Lorsé, which was found in a forest near Simonshaven. In that case Ernst L. tot 9 sentenced years in prison.

Against Patrick S. is demanded for life. He eventually gets an appeal 25 years in prison and TBS.


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Author: Dave Datema (with the collaboration of Sjoerd Bootsma)

published: 27-01-2020

story number: 136

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