Rotterdam - this afternoon a man killed after a bomb killed at Coolsingel. The identity of the victim is unknown. The man died instantly. The client for the assessment is wanted abroad

The explosion was Lumière theater and the Utrecht Life Insurance. It was at that moment pressure on the Coolsingel. The blow four others were injured. Two of them are in bad shape.

According to eyewitnesses, the bomb was in a small package that the man, which have walked down the street, was holding in his left hand. Eyewitnesses saw a big blowtorch.

"In Aert van Nesstraat was a man standing next to me", eyewitness says Harm de Jonge.

"In passing, I saw he was wearing a suit in his left hand. When he passed me he went through great substance. He seemed rushed, if someone wants to get the train. "

(eyewitness Harm de Jonge, police report)

Police have dropped some of the Coolsingel research. It is a large area, because parts of the body of the victim are spread over a large part.

no Dutchman

Police have no idea who the man still. It is likely that the victim is from Netherlands. He would have had a foreign passport with them.

The foreign originated is confirmed by an employee of Atlanta, which the victim plane has helped his death. He ordered drinks in German. The probability that it is a German is not great, says the waiter, because the victim had a special accent.

According to the employee, the victim had a date with another man, who also spoke German. This man gave the victim the pack, later also seen by other witnesses, probably where the bomb was.

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According to the police investigation is still underway. So consider the man's belongings and we will look who he is and what he had to look in Rotterdam.

In the victim's hotel room to be found pamphlets with the Russian texts'. What can these texts and does not mean the police.

Hoe ging het verder?

The victim appears to be a Ukrainian nationalist, Yevgeni Konovalec. He had an appointment in Atlanta with another nationalist, who was a secret agent of Russia in reality. During the brief conversation in Atlanta he hands the package to Konovalec, who then immediately run off. A few minutes later the bomb detonated.

Because the bomb was hidden in a box of chocolates, the attack is now called the "bon-bon-stop’ (or "bomb-bomb-attack ') called.

Secret Agent, Waluch, flight immediately after the country. Ukrainian nationalists are trying to achieve independence from Russia. Stalin, who do not look down, Konovalec trying to eliminate a secret agent to send him off.

Years later, in the 90s writes the former Russian agent Soeroplatov in his memoirs that he 1938 Konovalec to have killed. He was commissioned by Stalin. Soeroplatov is also the agent who killed Trotsky.

The remnants of Konovalec are buried in a cemetery in Rotterdam Crooswijk. Ukrainian nationalists regularly come to Rotterdam for the tomb of Konovalec.

"Konovalec there is still seen as a hero", says René Sprok of the Municipal Archives of Rotterdam. "Last year there was a plaque honoring Konovalec unveiled in Kiev." There are now also plans to dig up the remains and to Kiev.

The bombing 1938 is not the only one held in Rotterdam, but it is a rarity. In 1995 came a man killed by a car bomb in Rotterdam. According to police, there was a settlement in the criminal.

There are also several explosives found in Rotterdam, but they were found in time and defused.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 23-05-2018

story number: 115

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