Sinds 162 year beavers in the Biesbosch

DORDRECHT - The beaver is back in the Netherlands. Bracks Minister of Agriculture this morning early in six beavers released in the Biesbosch area at Dordrecht. The last beaver in our country died..

Baby kidnapped from hospital Dordts

DORDRECHT - tonight kidnapped a baby from the Merwede Hospital in Dordrecht. The baby was six days old and in a special section with other newborns. According to the police, nobody has ....

"It's snowing Teflon’ Dupont Dordrecht

DuPont are in Dordrecht on 11 februari 1986 hundreds of kilos of Teflon powder dispersed, after an emergency. The powder enters a residential area.

Johan Cruyff as ordinary court in Dordrecht

Football player Johan Cruyff to appear in court as a witness, because he would have been paid with dirty money as possible for three games at DS'79. He is one of the witnesses in the case Frisol